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									            What Do Plants
            Need To Live?

 By: Audra Gallo, Karen
  Kaner, Lynn Nunziato, Kathy
       What Is A Plant?

A plant is a living
 thing. Just like
 humans, plants need
 water, food,
 sunlight and care to
 grow healthy and

Plants use water to grow. Like you and
 me, plants get thirsty. They use the
 water around them to drink. Plants can
 get water from many places. Can you
 think of some places that plants get
Plants Get Water From…
    When Do Plants Need
Most plants need to
 be watered daily.
 Some plants can go
 for a long time
 without water. A
 cactus is a plant
 that lives without
 water in the desert.
Plants need the sunlight to keep
 them warm. When a plant is warmed
 by the sun it can get food and water
 easier. When some plants are
 warmed, their tops open up. Do you
 know what a plant looks like when
 the tops are opened up?
A Flower!
Dirt For Food

       Plants use dirt to
        eat! It might sound
        strange to us, but
        dirt has a lot of
        vitamins and
        minerals that plants
        need to grow.
      How Do Plants Eat?
Plants do not have
 mouths with teeth!
 Plants have roots
 buried under the
 ground. The roots
 take in water and
 food for the plants.
 These are carried
 through the flower
 by the long stems.
          Love and Care

Plants are living
 things. All living
 things need love and
 care. If you own a
 plant, it is
 important to take
 care of it. Water it
 daily and give it
 plenty of sunlight.
    What About Plants In
The plants in nature
 rely on the seasons
 to help them grow.
 Plants get lots of
 sunlight in Spring
 and Summer, which
 is why we see so
 many at those times
 of the year!

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