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					NETS Standards will show up here
History Standards here
Math Standards here
English Standards here
*ALL Projects involving the Internet should ALWAYS be
prefaced with Ethical guidelines and appropriate Use
•Teachers should model all activities they wish their students
to do, including Internet usage

•Teachers should make it clear what is and is not acceptable
as resources

•Teachers should convey the penalty of plagiarism
1.03 Model ethical behavior relating to security, privacy, passwords, and personal
          information, and recognize possible consequences of misuse.
1.21 Demonstrate knowledge of Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines by explaining
     selection and use of Internet resources in content projects/assignments.
     Mini-lesson for Site Evaluation
• Using Inspiration® and the computer (or the overhead and the
  transparency), have the students brainstorm a list of criteria
  which make a Web page useful for research

3.10 Use evaluation tools to select Internet resources and information for content
                 and usefulness in content area assignments.
 Mini-lesson for Site Evaluation
• Hand out the 5 W's
  handout and the
  critical evaluation
  tool and go over
   – Who, What,
     When, Where
     and Why
• Brochures will be collected from various counties in NC

• Students will form groups around the county of their choice

• Each group will evaluate the brochure and develop criteria for
  evaluation of brochures in general
  (aesthetic, wording, organization, etc.)

• Each student will choose a county on which to create a brochure
        1.16 Use multimedia terms/concepts correctly to describe and explain
 3.06 Develop and use rubrics to evaluate the quality of published documents/projects
                for content, design, and appropriate use of resources.
    2.01 Analyze and evaluate informational materials that are read, heard, and/or
  3.01 Explore and evaluate argumentative works that are read, heard and/or viewed
   4.01 Analyze the purpose of the author or creator and the impact of that purpose
  4.02 Analyze and develop (with limited assistance) and apply appropriate criteria to
                      evaluate the quality of the communication
                   NC History

•   Where did the name of the county come from?
•   Where is the county located?
•   Who founded the county?
•   Is the immigration into or out of the county?
•   What is the industry of the county?
•   What are some interesting facts about the
    county? ( popular residents, nicknames, points
    of interest, etc.)
   SCOS for Computer/Technology Skills
               Grade 8
3.01 Select and use a variety of technology tools to collect, analyze, and
present information.

1.12 Demonstrate knowledge of the advantages/disadvantages of using
word processing to develop, publish, and present information to a variety of

3.07 Plan, design, and develop a multimedia product using data (e.g.,
graphs, charts, database reports) to present content information.

3.09 Plan, select, evaluate, interpret and use a variety of digital resources
to develop assignments/projects about North Carolina History.

2.02 Use multiple sources of print and non-print information to explore and
create research products in both written and presentational forms
Brochure should include:
      • History of County
        • County Stats
     • Graph (at least 1)
   • Arguments for moving
   • Attractive Presentation
         • Bibliography
     Directions for using Microsoft
• Click on Start in the
  left hand corner of
  your screen. Choose
  All Programs, then
  Microsoft Office, then
  Microsoft Publisher.
• When Publisher
  opens, click on
  Publications to Print in
  the left hand column.
• Under that heading,
  click on brochures.
  The brochure window
  will open.
      Directions for using Microsoft
• Scroll through the
  different brochure
  templates. Click the
  template you like best.
• A window asking you to
  check the business
  information will pop up.
• If you would like to
  change the color
  scheme, you can do this
  in this window.
  Otherwise click okay.
• To change the text in a
  particular box, highlight
  it with your mouse, and
  then type in what you
  would like it to say.
     Directions for using Microsoft
• To change to the inside of the brochure, click on the
  number 2 on the bottom of the page. You can go back to
  the first page by clicking on the number 1.

• Feel free to play with the font size and type on the
  brochure. This is your creation!

• Each student should present
  his/her brochure to the class/team.
• Each student will also present
  his/her brochure to the respective
  county officials through either letter
  or e-mail.
1.02 Use technology terms/concepts to describe and explain strategies used to
       collect, organize, and present findings for assignments/projects.
1.07 Use knowledge of database terms/concepts, functions, and operations to
explain strategies used to organize, analyze, and report information in content
                               area assignments.
 3.08 Create/modify and use rubrics to evaluate multimedia presentations for
content, design, appropriateness for target audience, and effective and ethical
                               use of resources.
                 Language Arts
• Collect and agree on criteria for evaluating
  brochures…then apply to your own!

• Brainstorm arguments for moving to the county
  (citing the high points for your brochure)

• Write a brief argumentative essay, discussing the
  basic format

• Continuing education of resources (how to find
  them, who to ask, what to look for, where to look…)

          3.03 Evaluate and create arguments that persuade
                    Language Arts

• Discuss appropriate voice for a brochure (word
  choice, organization, etc.)

• Edit and revise text portions in class workshops

• Keep a daily journal of progress, reporting
  frustrations, triumphs, blocks, problems, and
  then a reflection of the activity
   – KWL – I love these! Have each student complete one
     of these to put in their journals

 6.01 Model an understanding of conventional written and spoken expression
    6.02 Continue to identify and edit errors in spoken and written English
blah blah
    Brekke Bell
   Molly Glover
 Sarah Patterson
 Taylor Lankford
 Elizabeth Glazier
  Katrina Casey
    Standard Course of Study
• Math (Grade 8) Competency Goals 4.01,
• Visual Arts (Grade 8) Competency Goal 2
  (in its entirety)
• History (Grade 8) Competency Goal
• English (Grade 8)
• Net Standards (Grade 8)
  Voter Registration of Select NC
                             Rowan County
400,000                      Mecklenburg
300,000                      Ashe County

                             Pender County
                             Gaston County
100,000                      Wake County

Percentage of Voters for 2006

    Collection and Evaluation of
• In assigned groups students should look at
  brochures and discuss:
  – Who is the audience?
  – Is the brochure easy to read?
  – What do you like about the brochure?
  – What could be improved?
  – What information is on the front?
  – What information is on the back?
  – Who produced the brochure?
        Questions to explore while
•   Where did the name of the county come from?
•   Where is the county located?
•   Who founded the county?
•   Is the immigration into or out of the county?
•   What is the industry of the county?
•   What are some interesting facts about the
    county? ( popular residents, nicknames, points
    of interest, etc.)
•   Brochures
•   NC Standard Course of Study website
•   NC State Board of Elections
•   North Carolina: A Proud State in Our

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