Agenda February 27_ 2012 by hedongchenchen


									                                                               Lethbridge School District No. 51
                                                                         District School Council

                            DISTRICT SCHOOL COUNCIL
                        Monday, February 27, 3012, 6:30 p.m.
                               Administration Centre
Chair                                 Shellie Kienzle
Vice Chair                            David Green
Recorder                              Amber Heyboer
Policy Advisory Representative        Angela Braun
Poverty Intervention Representative   Corinne Steele
Community Engagement Committee        Shellie Kienzle, Allison Pike
Administrators’ Representative        Lisa McMullin, Brenda Stendebach


6.30 p.m.   1.    Welcome and Introductions
6.35 p.m.   2.    Approval of the Agenda
6.37 p.m.   3.    Review of the Minutes of January 30, 2012
6.40 p.m.   4.    Pink Shirt Day & Character Education Programs in our District –
                  Lisa McMullin & Brenda Stendebach
7.00 p.m.   5.    Minister’s Teleconference – March 19 (7.30 – 9.00, Education
                  Centre) - Barry
7.05 p.m.   6.    Follow up discussion - Dates for DSC meetings in 2012/13
7.10 p.m.   7.    Trustee Update – Mich Forster
7.15 p.m.   8.    Superintendent’s Report
                         - Budget 2012/13
                         - School Year Calendar Committee Representative
7:30 p.m.         Roundtable Reports by School Representatives – Please refer to
                  reports that have been submitted and included with this agenda
8.00 p.m.         Adjournment

                      District School Council Meeting Dates
                                 March 26, 2012
                                 April 30, 2012
                                  May 28, 2012
                                                                   Lethbridge School District No. 51
                                                                             District School Council

                            District School Council Meeting
                                    January 30, 2012

In Attendance:      David Green       Gary Bartlett      Dayna Tilleman
                    Randi Malmo       Paul Sparrow Clarke
                    Linda Spaller     Tara Yagos         Shellie Kienzle
                    Allison Pike      Julie Nolan        Sue Oguchi
                    Keith Fowler      Brooke Culley      Barry Litun
                    Brenda Stendebach Corinne Steele     Karri Stewart
                    Jodie Knott       Sahil Paul         Lisa McMullin
                    John Loree        Neil Langevin

   1. Meeting was called to order at 6:33 by Chair Shellie Kienzle. Introductions were

   2. The agenda was approved as presented.

   3. Minutes – noted on point 4 that the December 5 Minister’s forum was the meeting
      that was open to the public.

   4. John Loree and Neil Langevin presented on the development of the District
      proposal for AISI ( Alberta Initiative for School Improvement) Cycle 5 which will
      run from 2012/13 – 2014/15

      DSC members were asked to provide their opinions about:
      a) What characteristics of effective classrooms would you like to see teachers at
         your school utilize?
      b) As we begin to plan our Cycle 5 project, do you have any suggestions/ideas
         about the school improvement project?

      Three groups were then formed for small group discussion.
       Request that Joanne send out the form Neil used to all school council chairs
         for discussion and input at the individual school council meetings. Reply to The form is attached to this email.

   5. Barry Litun asked that the DSC representatives discuss the possibility of moving
      DSC date to the first Monday of November, December, February, March, April,
      May and June for the 2012-2013 school year with their respective school

      This will be discussed at the February DSC meeting.

   6. Shellie Kienzle reminded representatives of the provincial ASCA conference April
      20-22 in Edmonton.

      Keith Fowler noted that the District supports registration and costs (up to
      $200.00) for a school council to send a delegate to the provincial conference.
                                                               Lethbridge School District No. 51
                                                                         District School Council

   Shellie pointed out the ASCA Award of Recognition program. Information has
   been distributed.

7. Barry Litun outlined the process for the February 6 Town Hall meeting.

8. Mich Forster provided the Trustee’s Report:
      a. Tripartite discussions
      b. Trustee Wickham’s decision to resign was supported by the Board.
      c. The Board has decided to continue for the balance of this term with six
      d. Question: How often should a trustee attend school council meetings?
         Response: Encourage school council chairs to contact their trustee
         liaisons if the trustees can provide comment on agenda topics scheduled.

9. Barry outlined the preliminary 2012-2013 school year calendar.

10. The DSC will host the Minister’s teleconference on February 8 at 7:30 p.m. in the
    Board Room. Parents for all school councils are invited to attend. RSVP is
    not necessary.

11. Round Table Reports:

      a. Fleetwood Bawden School: January focus on culture. Arts: two full day
         origami workshop. Book exchange scheduled for February 2 and is open
         to the community.
      b. Galbraith School: Snow shoes arrived but there is no snow. One School,
         One Book – “Featherbrain”. Dr. Robin Bright presentation. In March Chris
         Gonsalvez will host a presentation on Internet safety. 2013 is the school’s
         centennial celebration.
      c. Ecole Agnes Davidson: Carnival will run throughout February. Staff will
         attend healthy schools symposium. The Heritage Fair will be held in
      d. Lakeview School: Met their fundraising goals. There are many activities –
         after school skating. Campbell soup labels are donated to the school as a
      e. Gilbert Paterson Middle School: Basketball City finals are on February 16.
         “Annie” performances run February 13-15. Bands and choirs are
         registered for the Kiwanis Festival. The school council has formed a
      f. LCI: Exams are finished. Term 2 starts January 31. Improved lighting in
         the staff room was discussed. There was a staff appreciation event –
         food and snacks during parent-teacher interviews. Seven people
         attending Town Hall meeting. LCI added some staff for semester 2.
         Summer school will be offered through Victoria Park High School. The
         University of Lethbridge offers French testing programs for Immersion
                                                                             Lethbridge School District No. 51
                                                                                       District School Council

           g. Chinook High School: The Laramie Project is scheduled for March. A
              leisure centre will be built adjacent to Chinook High School. The grad
              theme has been chosen. Many fundraisers were very well supported. The
              staff attended a Learning Video Conference with Dr. Ken O’Connor.
              Fundraising for a piano and a bus.
           h. GS Lakie Middle School: Was awarded $75,000 Aviva Grant to build a
              technology booth. There will be a dance on February 15. Teachers Glee
              Club did not make the last cut. There will be a dance show at the Yates
              on February 9.
           i. Lethbridge Christian School: Applied for the Community Spirit Grant.
              Grades 3-5 sang with the symphony just prior to Christmas. Within three
              days the caretaker and a student passed away. The school community is
              very appreciative of the support they received. There will be student led
              conferences in March.
           j. Nicholas Sheran Community School: They held a Christmas Dance for
              the first time. There was an opportunity for family pictures. One School,
              One Book – “Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”. Random acts of
              kindness. The council has formed a society.
           k. Dr. Probe School: The council has formed a society. Steve Harmer –
              magic and character education presentation later in February (appeared
              20 years ago). One School, One Book – identified as a North American
              Model School. Grade 4 Bingo. Grade 5 Social day with other Westside
              elementary schools. Preschool registration opens February 1. Tours to
              the Galt museum.
           l. Mike Mountain Horse School: Society/School Council roles have been
              defined. Developing a recognition policy; hoping to be done within the
              next month, willing to share with other school councils. The school has
              started a breakfast program.
           m. Winston Churchill High School: Exam week has been completed. Student
              council is very busy: Valentine’s Dance is scheduled. They are fundraising
              for a school in Ghana. The Blood drive is starting. Badminton has begun.
              Four parents to attend the Town Hall.

Gary Bartlett reminded the group that the Lethbridge Community Foundation is
accepting applications until February 15. You can Google search “Lethbridge
Community Association for more information.
Link to Association:

   12. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
                                                               Lethbridge School District No. 51
                                                                         District School Council

Round Table Reports:

Senator Buchanan School:
    After school skating finished up.
    Jan 16-launched one school one book Feather Brain.
    Jan 23- Hero t-shirts were presented to students fron Sun life Financial.
    Jan 24-Maureen Bush author of Feather Brain visits thanks to Sun Life
    Financial.
    Jan 26-Family Literacy Night based on Feather Brain(dinosaurs theme).
    Feb 14-Steve Harmer will do a magic show to kick off the "7 Habits".
    Fundraiser- Panago coupons also Traditional Hutterite smokies and bacon.
    Hot Lunch this month is Boston Pizza.

Dr. Probe School
     After school skating in full swing
     Completed One-School-One-Book project. Collecting extra books to give
       to another school interested in reading Where the Mountain Meets the
       Moon (as each student gets a copy, most households have numerous
     Valentine Day - Read In for grade 1 and 2; also had 100 day celebrations
     Grade 4 bingo coming March 2 - money for sleepover trip to Frank's Slide.
       Lots of great prizes including accommodation in Mexico, photo packages,
       food packages, signed memorabilia and more
     Participating in Collaborative Pilot Project - bringing assistant tools into all
       classes for all kids to try - includes everything from pencil grips, ends to
       chew on for your pencil, sitting aids (wedges), stress balls and so on.
       Council got to play with them all at the last meeting.

Park Meadows School
    Grade 5 Basketball is in full swing
    finished up our major fundraiser just before Christmas... Catalog through
      Dieleman Fundraising Sales. Included gift wrap, cards, jewellery, kitchen
      items, treats, etc. Profited over $9200! Participation was 95 out of 198
      students! Currently alloting for field trips and fine arts performances which
      is what we primarily fundraise for.
    Grade 5 students held a cupcake sale last week to raise funds for the
      Make a Wish Foundation. They raised over $260!
    Sock Hop and Hot Lunch (Boston Pizza) scheduled for this week, before
      the Reading Week Break.
    continuing to collect Campbell's Soup Labels for Education
    continuing to collect Pull Tabs for the Ronald McDonald House....We've
      already collected more pull tabs, at this point in the year, than last year.
      Last year, out of 15 Alberta School's registered, Park Meadows came in
      2nd place for collections! We collected 151 lbs of pull tubs, which equals
      240,826 individual pull tabs. The pull tabs are taken to the Ronald
      McDonald House in May for weigh in. They hand them into a recycling
      company and are given money for pounds collected. They use the money
                                                                     Lethbridge School District No. 51
                                                                               District School Council

              for various programs, etc. at the house. The Ronald McDonald House
              awarded Park Meadows for their 2nd place win by sending a fine arts
              performance to our school in November. The children loved it.
             Grade 4 and 5 students attended the Turn it Up production at the Yates
              last week. They loved it! Well done, GS Lakie!!!! Fabulous job!!

DSC Report from Mike Mountain Horse, Feb. 16th, 2012

             At our last School Council meeting on Feb. 8 we approved a Recognition
              Policy and Financial Procedures. If any other School Councils would like
              to have a look at these, just let us know.

             We are starting on part II of the “Clay for Kids” project. When it is finished
              we will have a new mural in the school foyer compiled of clay tiles made by
              each student and staff member at MMH.

             We are planning a Parent’s Event to take place at the UofL ballrooms in
              late April. This event will be a fundraiser, but also a chance for parents to
              socialize and get to know each other.

             Our School Council is using up some savings to grow our classroom
              libraries. Each teacher will get $220 to spend on books for their classroom.

             MMH is hosting the Healthy Schools Expo on March 8, 2012. Please pass
              this on to parents of your schools.

Winston Churchill

      Athletics - Basketball - Grade 9 girls are going to zones
            o JV and Senior Teams continue until mid March
      Rugby and Badminton will be starting in March
      Fine Arts - Groups preparing for Kiwanis Festival
      One Act Play Festival preparations underway
      IB Art Show at the end of March
      Churchill’s Hall of Fame – nominations have been narrowed down to 2 people
      March is Blood Donation Month – 2 “life busses” will be available to take students
       over 17 to the blood donor clinic
      March 6th – Breakfast with the Board
      Students’ Council wish to join Parents’ Council in our staff appreciation activities
       this year
      School Council Discussion - Parents feel very strongly that all school programs
       should be being widely advertised in the community. All students, their families,
       and the community should have maximum information regarding all District
       programs and high schools should be encouraged to promote their programs in
       all middle schools.

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