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									  Contact: Yarina Gao Email:      Phone:086-531-85060139

    The ability to resist breaking under tensile stress is one of the most important and widely

measured properties of materials. Labthink XLW(PC) Tensile Strength Tester, different from

Universal Tensile Machines, is professional for designed for plastic films and other flexible

materials fields.

                             High precision: Better than 0.5% of reading value

                             Can conduct Tensile, Peeling, Tearing, sealing strength and other tests

                             Various testing speeds

                             Extra long Stroke (950mm)

Applications :
             Shearing Test
             Test of Tensile Strength and
              Elongation rate
             Test of Tensile Strength at
             Tear Resistance Test
             Heat Seal Strength Test
             90 Degree Peel Test
             180 Degree Peel Test
            This instrument is equipped with
    more than 100 sample grips for tests
    of more than 1000 materials

    ISO 37, ASTM E4, ASTM D828, ASTM D882, ASTM D1938, ASTM D3330, ASTM F88, ASTM
    F904, JIS P8113

Features :
           Controlled by Micro-computer, with LCD menu interface and PVC operation panel
           Better than 0.5% of reading accuracy effectively ensures the accuracy of test results
           7 independent test modes are available, including tensile strength, peeling force, tearing
            force, heat seal strength and other force properties of flexible packages
           Distinct test speeds to meet different test requirements

                    Contact: Yarina Gao Email:   Phone:086-531-85060139
 Contact: Yarina Gao Email:   Phone:086-531-85060139
       950mm extra-long stroke satisfies the test needs of various materials with extreme
        deformation rate

Technical Specifications :
           Specifications                                         Films

             Test Range                                         500N or 50N

              Accuracy                                  < 0.5% of reading value

             Test Speed                          50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500mm/min

          Specimen Width                                    30mm or 50mm

               Stroke                                             500mm

          Instrument Size                         450mm(L) x 450mm(W) x 1410mm(H)

                Contact: Yarina Gao Email:   Phone:086-531-85060139

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