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What do you know about your will


A lot of people don't think about there Will And Testament or even how to get one done. There is a easy and inexpensive way to have this done for you. It is called Legal Shield.

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									August 15th, 2012                                                                                            Published by: tfpetersen12

tfpetersen12's eBook
                                                                     arrangements and determine whether you need to update your
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Is Your Last Will And                                                It is often life’s everyday events like buying your next home, a
                                                                     car or dealing with an insurance claim that you need the help of
Testament Really Up To Date?                                         an expert, not your best buddies over a beer or two. Updating
August 15th, 2012                                                    your will might not be an everyday occurrence, but it should
                                                                     be something you review regularly and with a professional.
If your will is up to date, congratulations. You are one of the
few who have started to look at their overall estate planning.       Once you have witnessed how Legal Shield was able to help
For the greater number of people who have not even started           you with your estate planning, you can look at them from a
their financial planning, yesterday was the time to contact          network marketing opportunity, point of view. In other words,
Legal Shield.                                                        once you’ve seen how they can save you money, you can look
                                                                     at ways in which they can increase your income.
Nevertheless, even if you have a will, is it up to date – really?
Will that set of notes you wrote over ten years ago be good
enough for a court of law? This is not a once in a lifetime task.
You should constantly assess – annually or when major life
events occur – whether the details are still correct, for you and
your family.
These actions should cause you to review your legal

   • If you move from one state to another – the laws may
   • If you marry, divorce or separate
   • When you gain a child of your own through birth or
   • When you feel like changing your beneficiaries
   • If one of the beneficiaries has died or becomes
   • If your executor becomes unable to assist you through
     choice or poor health
   • Changes in tax laws or your financial status
   • The loss of someone who was named as a guardian of
     your child or children

Holding an up to date last will and testament document will
ensure that your wishes will be carried out exactly as you
require. This helps save your beneficiaries from having to
arrange costly, often emotionally draining and preventable
court proceedings – when they will be grieving at your passing.

Who can help?
If you buy into Legal Shield’s legal advice assistance, they can
help direct you to an expert who can talk thorough your current

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