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					Creating Joomla Templates

 Joomla comes with several default templates when you install a Joomla website. In addition, a
very wide variety of templates are available for you to download and add to your Joomla site.
Many of these templates are available at no charge. These designers offer their templates in the
hope that you might hire them to design a custom template for your website.

 Besides hiring the template design out, you can also work on making your own template.
There are several  ways to go about this and we will discuss  the process and benefits of each.

 Customize existing Joomla template

  With the large collection of free templates at your disposal, it is quite possible that you can find
a template design that appeals to your ambitions for your Joomla website. Editing an existing
template to meet your exact requires can often be achieved quite smoothly. The ease of
template customization often depends on how the original template was constructed as well as
your familiarity with HTML and PHP. In many cases, you simply must identify the major graphics
in the template and replace them with your own images sized to the dimensions of the original
images. This will result in a modified template that retains all of the attributes of the initial design
that you found appealing with the addition of your own site specific graphics. Additional
customization can be done by changing the template colors or background images. You can go
even further by editing the Cascading Stylesheet for the website, which controls the fonts, point
size, colors, and many other visual elements used throughout the Joomla website.

 Template Download resources 

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   -   Mamboforge
   -   Joomlaya
   -   Mambohut
   -   OSSkins
   -   Joomplates
   -   Pixel Themes
   -   TY2U
   -   Joomla Solutions

Creating Joomla Templates

 Creating a Joomla template

  If you are unable to find a template from which to work from, it may be more advantageous to
design a template from scratch. This is not as difficult a process as it might sound. Helpful tools
for designing Joomla website are available as extensions for Dreamweaver, Golive, and NVU
as well as other HTML editing tools. These extensions help automate and simplify the process
of creating your own template design. In addition, several step by step tutorials are available on
the web to walk you through the process. NVU's Joomla extensions even create the template
directory structure and basic files for you making the process as simple and friendly as possible.
After the basic template design has been created you will want to create your site's CSS files.
You can either create these from scratch as well, or you may prefer to copy the completed CSS
files from another template. In this manner, you have the particular layout and graphics you
require for your site and can save effort and time by making some adjustments to an existing
CSS file.

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   -   Joomla extensions for Golive
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   -   Dreamweaver Joomla! Template Kit greatly simplifies the process of making a template