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									  For on-site marketing initiatives to be truly
 effective, a small business must first need to
    draw customers to its establishment. A
 well-crafted LED sign is an excellent means
     for achieving this, easily capturing the
    attention of commuters and passersby.
Sometimes, having exciting promotions and contests, useful or fun
giveaways, and comprehensive information material is not enough
These will not serve their purpose if customers are not drawn to the
establishment to begin with A small business first needs to attract before
it is given the chance to engage its target market
 Typically, small business will not have
enough resources to use the traditional means of advertising, such as
television or radio And because repetition is key in ensuring that a
message sticks to its audience, advertising a few times through traditional
media will not prove to be cost-effective LED signs can address this
 By having a sign up in a strategic location 24/7, a business can easily
get their message out to a wider demographic This way, a business can
even tap a consumer segment that it may not have previously considered
targeting An LED sign needs to be designed well in order to truly catch
 For some businesses, particularly those that are more established in the
community such as fast food chains, it may be enough to have the
company name, logo and slogan in a single color Other, less-known
businesses may require something more complex, such as animation and
multiple colors
 The contents of a sign don't need to be the same all throughout This can
change depending on the business's need, making it an excellent way of
advertising seasonal products or services, sales, or specials
 A business has full control of what it wants to display Before getting LED
signs, however, businesses need to ensure that the design is consistent
with its brand
 Doing this enables them to better facilitate recall among their target
market and create a cohesive image Lastly, it's important to find an LED
sign company that can turn a business's vision into reality
 Crisp images or videos that can be seen even at a great distance can be
just the push customers need to walk into an establishment Also, with
the right company, quality does not have to come at a high price
 Established companies that cater to the SMB market are able to provide
competitive prices that fit the budget of a small business

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