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Course Title: 8th Grade Physical Education

Course Description: This course will include a wide variety of target, net/wall, invasion,
striking/fielding/running games, rhythmic activities, and fitness related activities.
Students will participate in a safe, positive environment and develop an appreciation for
all types of physical activity.

Course Instructors: Mrs. Kohn

Course Times: 1st Hour & 2nd Hour

Course Overview: Students will engage in locomotor skills, rhythmic activities, personal
conditioning and a wide variety of lead-up games involving various sports. Students will
learn and develop proper technique, terminology and develop confidence through their
participation in these activities.

Course Content Expectations: Upon completion of this course, students should be able to
do the following:
  Motor Skills and Movement Patterns
   8.01 demonstrate all space awareness movement concepts with mature form of non-
         locomotor skills, locomotor, and selected manipulative skills, (e.g. roll, overhead
   8.04 apply mature form of the manipulative skills of catch, kick, foot dribble, and
         strike with hand and implements in controlled/modified settings.
   8.05 Demonstrate mature form of the manipulative skills of chest pass, bounce pass,
         hand dribble, volley, and punt in controlled/modified settings.
  Invasion Games
    8.01 demonstrate on and off-the-ball tactical movement (e.g. maintaining possession,
          attacking goal, creating space), preventing scoring and starting/restarting play
          during modified game play.
  Striking/Fielding Games
    8.01 demonstrate infield and outfield tactical movements, including scoring and
          staying in, preventing scoring, and communicating umpiring during modified
 Content Knowledge
     8.01 apply internal and external feedback to improve motor skills and movement
           patterns, fitness, and physical activities in controlled settings.
     8.15 apply knowledge of movement concepts while performing non-locomotor skills
           during participation in target, net/wall, invasion, and striking/fielding modified
           games and outdoor activities in dynamic settings.
 Health-Related Fitness
     8.02 describe results for the criteria-referenced cardio health-related fitness
           standards for age and gender (e.g. step test, Cooper’s run, walk test, mile run.)
    8.03 describe results for the criterion-referenced muscular strength and endurance
           health-related fitness standards for age and gender (e.g. push-ups, curl-ups,)
    8.04 describe results for the criterion-referenced flexibility health-related fitness
           standards for age and gender (e.g. shoulder stretch)
    8.07 understand how to recognize the principles of training (frequency, intensity,
            time, overload and specificity).
 Fitness and Physical Activity
   8.01 participate in physical activities that are vigorous in intensity level (70% of
          class time sustaining a 70% of target heart rate) through a variety of activities.
 Personal/Social Behaviors and Values
   8.01 exhibit behaviors which exemplify each of the personal/social character traits of
          responsibility, best effort, cooperation, and compassion in dynamic settings.
   8.02 apply independently, appropriate behaviors which exemplify each of the
          personal/social character traits of constructive competition, initiative, and
          leadership in dynamic settings.
   8.03 recognize physical activity as a positive opportunity for social interaction.
Grading Policy
   1. Your physical effort in all activities.
   2. Your understanding of skills, strategies, and techniques in the activities.
   3. Your demonstration of appropriate behaviors outlined in Personal/Social
        behaviors benchmark.
   4. Proper dress outlined in course policies.
   5. Three “no dresses” results in a one lowered grade.
   6. The school grading policy will be implemented.
Course Policies
  1. This is a participation class. Attendance is important.
  2. Proper dress is important for safety and health reasons. Keep your clothes clean;
       wear socks with your shoes. Follow the student handbook for proper attire.
  3. Dress and participate to the best of your ability daily. Doctor/trainer notes are
       needed for injuries or illness if you want to be excused from an activity.
  4. Gym locks may be rented for a refundable $5.00 fee. Locks are strongly
       encouraged. Although the locker room is locked during class this does not mean
       that items may not be taken. Do not bring valuables to class.
  5. Food and drink are not allowed in the locker rooms or gym area. Water is ok.
  6. Proper locker room behavior is expected at all times.
  7. Respect school and personal property.
  8. Report all injuries to the instructor.

Discipline Procedure:
  1. Explain and discuss all class expectations to students.
  2. Individual discussion between teacher/students.
  3. RMO referral
  4. Parents called and action plan implemented.

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