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									Summertime is a great season to experiment with hairstyles, but with Labor Day quickly
approaching, it's time to make the most of this final month of summer. For many women,
spring is a great time to cut their lovely locks; a bob or pixie cut can make the spring and
summer months much cooler and more carefree. Now, as summer is winding down (and
their hair is growing out), it's time to experiment with some fun summer updos! Here are
some of our favorite summer hairstyles to try this month:
Ponytail with French braid - Loose braids are always a great look for summer; they keep
your locks under control without feeling too stiff or polished. One of the best braids to play
with this summer is the French braid, since the possibilities are truly endless. You can do a
face-framing detail braid at your hairline, or work your way up with a French braid starting
at the base of your neck. You can do two or three smaller French braids to add detail to
your style, but whatever you choose, your ponytail helps keep your style looking young
and fresh. This is the perfect look for a lunch date or a casual movie night.
Ballerina (or Sock) Bun - While beachy waves and bohemian braids are great looks for the
summer, sometimes you want a more pulled together look. One of the fastest and easiest
ways to pull off a bun is the traditional "sock bun." While the name may not sound sleek or
sexy, sock buns are commonly used by ballerinas and can give you a delicate and polished
look. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are bringing back these bodacious
buns, and you can either pair the hairstyle with skinny jeans and a leather jacket or soften
the look by adding bangs and a light, summery dress.
The Low Braided Bun - The low bun is a perfect style to get your hair off your neck,
without looking too casual. Add a few structured braids into the style and you've got
yourself the perfect look for weddings, cocktail parties and company events. The low bun
helps direct attention to your face, which many women prefer for more sophisticated
events, but the braids add a bit of detail and elegance to the look. While Hilary Duff and
Kristen Bell have both worn great braided buns this season, one of our favorites was worn
by Kate Middleton at the BOA Olympic concert in May.
If these summer styles are a bit more advanced than you're used to, visit your local
Houston hair salon. An expert stylists can not only cut and color your hair, but style it with
the latest trends and keep it looking healthy for weeks.

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