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drive in dense urban centers, or slower driving patterns LPG

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									 A pressing issue these days is global warming
and how the planet is not absorbing our carbon
 dioxide emissions fast enough to keep up with
   our consumption patterns. The vehicles we
  drive play a prominent role in global warming
   and have been blamed as a major culprit of
     climate change, along with other wasteful
energy sources. Specifically, carbon emissions
   have motivated people and governments to
        think of alternatives to driving and oil
 consumption. Increases in fuel costs and road
taxes are measures implemented to get people
 thinking of alternative transportation methods.
   But there are greener ways to go about the
problem without completely doing away of cars
    in totality, since we all know that is neither
                 practical nor realistic.

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Advancements in the motor industry have introduced new technology
that allows for cars to run less on fuel, or reduce emissions to a more
acceptable standard Engines such as LPG (Liquefied Petroleum
Gas), Electric Cars, and hybrid vehicles really accomplish helping
the driver save money, and also does its part in helping the
environment These cars perform just as well as regular cars on
conventional oil and have similar power abilities
 A dramatic decrease in fuel costs is an especially advantageous and
attractive feature This means you can use the money you would to
fuel up your car on other things In most cases, as long as you
aren't pushing your vehicle beyond certain fast speeds and
conserve as much as you can, chances are you won't even
have to resort to the fuel switch that comes with your electric vehicle
 In fact, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cars are more appropriate to
drive in dense urban centers, or slower driving patterns LPG
conversions will surely help save you money on fuel, since this kind
of american made furniture oil is significantly cheaper than Petrol or
Diesel gas, and also comes with a lower tax Speaking of taxes, you
may not be aware of Road Taxes, or that it is now determined by the
emission levels that your car puts out
 Newer, more eco-friendly cars can have as little as $0 to pay for
Road Taxes, or very low tax costs This strategy encourages more
people to finally switch to greener vehicles as a cut in taxes may be
a powerful incentive
 Another thing that makes for an eco-friendly car is that the costs to
have it insured may be less as well People who choose to buy green
vehicles have been reported to be more responsible and safer
drivers in general
 Therefore, check your insurance provider to see your quote will be
less if you switched to an electric or hybrid vehicle With so many
options these days, why not pick an economic and environmentally
friendly option for your next car purchase? Efficiency is most
important these days and there must be the perfect option for your
specific financial range
 Also think of all the financial burdens that will be alleviated in the
process - decreased costs in car insurance, cheaper insurance
quotes, and lower road and fuel taxes
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