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									By Samantha
        1991–1783 b.c. (Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12) , Unknown

   This cosmetic jar is the earliest
    known three-dimensional image
    of a cat.

   The sculptor demonstrates a
    understanding of the creature's
    physical traits, giving it the
    alert, tense look of a hunter
    rather than the elegant

   In this jar, the sculptor
    demonstrates a keen
    understanding of the creature's
    physical traits.
                            3rd–2nd century b.c., Unknown

   This massive armband, of the
    highest quality Hellenistic
    metalwork and in superior

   It is constructed of a Herakles
    knot and an openwork band
    decorated with ivy tendrils
    bearing leaves and berries.

   According to the Roman writer
    Pliny, the decorative device of
    the Herakles knot could cure
    wounds, and it was thought to
    have the power to avert evil.

                            1550–75 A.D. , Unknown

   Designed to be used together with
    a rapier

   The waves in the blade may be
    intended to act like "speed
    bumps" in breaking the impact of
    a blow from an opponent's blade.

   his dagger is fitted with a side
    ring, recurved quillons, and a
    depression at the base of one side
    of the blade to accommodate the
    thumb and facilitate a firmer grip.

                          1754–1799., Nagasawa Rosetsu

   Pair of six-panel folding screens; ink on gilded paper

   The cliff face, for example, is rendered with dark ink and large, quickly
    executed brushstrokes that create a powerful effect.

   The choppiness of the water as the small sailboat is buffeted about further
    heightens the dramatic mood.
                        Meiji period (1868–1912), Shibata Zeshin

   This screen is one of the
    finest known from the
    hand of the nineteenth-
    century artist Shibata

   The dark colors and thick
    surface texture of the
    lacquer added to the
    illusion of Western
    pigments.                                The plain paper surface has been left for
                                            the full moon and a few strokes of ink wash
                                            across the surface of the moon suggest a
                                            light haze.


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