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                                   Hit and Run Drunk Driver Kills Pedestrian
                                   Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) August 14, 2012 – Texan arrested in fatal hit and run was driving under the

                                   “In this case, two brothers were walking beside I-37 when one of them was hit by a blue Chrysler PT
                                   Cruiser that took off. The man, a 39-year-old, died at the scene,” said Brooks Schuelke, an Austin personal injury
                                   lawyer with Perlmutter & Schuelke, L.L.P in Texas.

                                   The police had their work cut out for them, as eyewitness reports were unreliable. However, a break in the
                                   investigation came when a passenger in the PT Cruiser called police to tell them what happened. The witness
                                   said he was passed out in the passenger’s seat when he was startled awake by a loud crashing noise and was
                                   then showered in glass. Further investigation led to eventually identifying the Cruiser owner, a 32-year-old
                                   female, as the driver of the vehicle at the time of the accident. She was charged in connection with the incident.

                                   “It was evident from the eyewitness report, and from other sources, that the Cruiser driver had been drinking the
                                   night of the hit and run. The woman was arrested and put in jail. In jail, she told a cellmate she had hit a man,
                                   after spending time in a bar, but that ‘he should not have been on the road in the first place,’” added Schuelke.
                                   The wrongful death of the 39-year-old man was a sudden and horrific shock for his family. They are trying to pick
                                   up the pieces after their son’s death and are considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit with the hope that what
                                   happened to their son will never happen to someone else.

                                   “If you have been in an accident like this, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. They can advise you of
                                   your legal rights and explain what needs to be done, should you wish to file a lawsuit, either a personal injury or
                                   a wrongful death suit. Doing so may help you cope with your injuries or loss,” suggested Schuelke.

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