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									           Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy Information Sheet
362122 street, suite 300                                   Thomas F. Neal, M.D., P.A.
Lubbock, Texas 79410                                         Stan E. Potock, M.D.
(806)-792-5331                                           Otolaryngology-head and neck surgery

  Medication                                            Uses               Side Effects              Doseage                      Warnings
       Tylenol                                      Pain relief            Constipation and           As needed         Only one tylenol medication can
  Tylenol + Codeine                             Temporary painrelief           nausea               As prescribed       be taken at a time. Failure to do
                                                                                                One dose may be         so may result in overdoseage
                                                                                                skipped if nausea is

        Asprin                                        Pain relief                                     As needed          Not to be taken during the first
                                                                                                                                   two weeks

                           Recovery                                                                         Food
For children under 10: 4-7 days for severe discomfort to improve         It will be difficult to swallow at first; liquids must be consumed to avoid
For adults and older children: up to 2 weeks                             dehydration.
Typically some soreness of the throat for up to 1 month                                                              To lessen pain:
It is advisable to stay from home/work/school for 1 week                               It is best to eat or drink after taking medication
                                                                                       Liquids may be consumed at room temperature
Avoid strenuous activity for 2 weeks after surgery                                     Avoid milk products
Avoid staying outside in severe heat                                                   Eat only very soft foods the first 14 days after surgery
Avoid exercise                                                                         Water based popsicles can be consumed to soothe the throat
Bleeding during the first 2 weeks is not uncommon
A low-grade fever is not unsual(up to 101.5) for the first week, no      It is common to have some temporary nasal regurgitation with eating and
medication is needed                                                     drinking. In most cases this resolves in 3-4 weeks
Ear pain may occur for up to 2 weeks
Infection can still occur                                                Contact your doctor if:
                                                                         Bleeding persists for more than two weeks
If the tonsils and adenoids are very large, there is a chance of voice   Vomiting persists longer than 24 hours         Throat infection occurs
change after removal                                                     Vomit contains blood clots after 24 hours
Vomiting may occur the first 24 hours after surgery; and may             Fever persists after one week                  Severe side effects from
contain blood clots                                                      Ear pain persists after 2 weeks                medication occur

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