Microsoft Powerpoint by ewghwehws


									             Please Note
This Presentation is NOT designed to be an
   example of an effective presentation. It
  uses far too many “flashy” techniques for

This presentation is designed to show that I
 have a range of skills that I can use within
         the PowerPoint application.
Microsoft PowerPoint
    What can it do for you?
  What will this presentation teach
 This  presentation will not teach you how to
  use PowerPoint.
 What it will do, however, is introduce you
  to the capabilities of the software – and
  some of the things you can do with it.
 At some points, you will be expected to
  interact with the presentation. If you see a
  picture of a mouse, you should click on it.
  Try it now.
              What is Powerpoint?
   PowerPoint is part of the Microsoft Office suite of programmes.
   It is a program which allows you to convey information to clients in a
    more visual way than in a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet.
   PowerPoint presentations can be viewed on any PC, even if it does
    not have the program installed.
   PowerPoint presentations are particularly effective when run on
    large monitors or Plasma TV’s as demonstrations to potential
    customers or clients of the organisation.
   You can use many effects and visual tricks to get information
   PowerPoint should be easy to use for anyone who is familiar with
    any other Office application

         Eye Catching Tricks
 Up  until now, you have only seen text –
  and you are probably finding it a bit boring.
 The whole point of using Powerpoint is to

               Text Effects
 You   can use lots of text effects……….
 This is the
BLAST effect!
The text can
Or Flash!
Or Flicker!
And many, many more!
              Elements to add
   You have already seen a full screen photo, but
    you can make photos any size you want.

             • You can even move a picture anywhere on the screen!

   You can also include Excel Graphs, or even
    show someone directions…….
      A Map of County Hall
And, of course,
Brand your page
With a logo.
    There are many other things you
               can do….
 But   what you have seen in this
    presentation covers the very basics

 If you want to know more about
    Powerpoint and how it can help your
    department, please contact the IT
    department. We are here to help!

   Click the mouse to view presentation again, or click anywhere else
    on the screen to end.

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