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									                                                           VAT NO. 469 012 1019

                                   WITKOPPEN EQUITATION CENTRE
                                                          (Affiliated to GHS)
                                                              Presents an

                                                   Heights 1.10m up to 1.35m
                                                         Saturday 8th
VENUE                        Witkoppen Equitation Centre,              STARTING               8.00am
                             127 Hartbeespoort Road                    TIME
ENTRIES CLOSE                Monday 27th August 2012                   ENQUIRIES              E mail Lgarbutt@woodcreations.co.za
                             Check entries received on                                        Check WEC website for running order
                             www.wec.co.za from Wed 29th                                      Isabel Verwey 082 558 6818 (office
                             Aug 2012                                                         hrs only) www.wec.co.za

CHEQUES PAYABLE              WEC P O Box 3195 Witkoppen                BANKING                Nedbank WEC Acc No:1522 057 064
                             2068                                      DETAILS                B.C. 152 205 Epsom downs
E MAILED ENTRIES             Lgarbutt@woodcreations.co.z               ENTRY FEE              Classes 1 – 6 R170.00 (R28.69 GHS
                             a confirmation will be sent                                      levy, R1.71 EDS levy R18.24 – SAEA levy
                             on e mailed entries                                              incl. VAT & R30.00 ground levy + 1st Aid,
                             With proof of payment slip                                       R12.00 working officials.
PRIZE MONEY                  Minimum 40% of net entry fee              DRESS CODE             Registered shirts allowed
                             (less levies) per class.
COURSE DESIGNER              Ryan Sanders                              YOUNG RIDER             Please write Y/R behind rider’s name.

 Saturday 8th September 2012 – 8.00am

Class 1a/b 1.30/1.35      Comp        350mpm       FEI Art 238.2.2

Class 2a/b 1.30/1.35       A2        350mpm        FEI Art 238.2.1

Class 3a/b 1.20/1,25m A2              350mpm  

Class 4a/b 1.20/1.25m Competition 350mpm     

Class 5a/b 1.10/1.15m Competition 350mpm     

Class 6a/b 1.10/1.15m A2                  350mpm

Recommended SAEA spread measurements.
20cm wider than the height of the fence
1. All SAEA, FEI and GHS Rules shall apply. Entries unaccompanied by the correct entry fees will NOT be accepted.
2. The organisers reserve the right to cancel, combine and restrict classes.
3. Riders may ride more than one horse in a class
4. Entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.
5 Refunds will be made if the show is cancelled or over-subscribed. A R10.00 deduction per horse entered
     will be made if a cash deposit was made into our account to pay for entries. Refunds will be less 20% of amount of
      entries, less the levies as per GHS Gen regulations.
6. Catering will be available.
PLEASE NOTE: All members and horses must be registered with GHS
Entries will be accepted on a "first come, first served" basis. If faxing entries and depositing money to our account, please fax us your
deposit slip as well. Please confirm that we have received your entry & payment advice by closing date. The organisers reserve the
right to cancel and/or alter the program should they deem it necessary. Late or entries unaccompanied by the correct entry fee will not
be accepted. Current SAEA, FEI & GHS Show jumping rules will apply to this show. Competitors are required to be correctly dressed.
Neither Witkoppen Equitation Centre, SAEA, GHS nor the show jumping body, its officials or representatives shall in any way be held
responsible for any loss, damage, theft or injury sustained by horses, riders, appointed officials, the public or their property at the show,
caused by, or resulting from this show. Refunds will be made if the show is cancelled or over subscribed. A deduction of R10 per horse
will be made on entries paid by cash deposit.
                                                               VAT NO. 469 012 1019

                                     WITKOPPEN EQUITATION CENTRE
                                                             (Affiliated to GHS)
                                                                 Presents an

                                                      Heights 1.10m up to 1.35m

GARBUTT AT lgarbutt@woodcreations.co.za
Entries with no proof of payment will not be accepted. Confirmation of receipt of e mailed entries will be sent to you.

Prize Money; Banking details must be given in at the judge’s box in order for prize money to be
paid out to you.

No out of province entries accepted without covering letter or stamp.

ENTRY FORM             Witkoppen Show Jumping Saturday 8th September 2012
         Please type entries to help with legibility. ENTRIES CLOSE: Monday 27th August 2012

CLASS                      HORSE                         Flu Vac                 RIDER / OWNER                      FEE

                                                                                                 TOTAL      __________

Entries received and program available on www.wec.co.za Wed 29th Aug & Thurs 6th Sept respectively.

Name:                                                                Stable yard
E Mail:
Cell No:                                                            Work No:

I declare that the above particulars are true and agree to abide by the rules of SAEA and GHS.



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