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                                                            In almost all of BSN Students' clinical exposure,
                                                       we observed that most patients do not readily trust
                                                       their assigned nurses. We find it significant that;
                                                       health care provider should not prejudge the patients.
                                                       Although, at times, nurses felt this “psychological
                                                       threats” from patients especially in the psychiatric
                                                       ward. Despite these experiences we find the need to
                                                       continue working in calm and firm manner.

                                                             Every day, we carry out our roles by greeting
                                                       people around us courteously specially our patients.
                                                       “Maayong buntag higala... kamusta na man ka?
                                                       Maayo ba ang imong pagtulog kagabii?”(Good
                                                       morning my friend! How's your day? Did you sleep
                                                       well last night?) Unsa man ang imong nahinumduman
                                                       sa kanta?” or “Sa imong nakita sa litrato, unsa man
                                                       ang imong pagsabot niini?” (What did you remember
                                                       after hearing the song?) (Based on what you have
                                                       seen in the picture, how did you understand what's
                                                       inside? We always orient them to practical but vital
                                                       situations: ask the date, time and the place where
                                                       they are located. The most important probably is to
                                                       treat them in a way that we are communicating and
   HILDEGARD E. PEPLAU                                 interacting to a normal person and not differently.

     We realized that nurses should be careful in terms of the words they utter. It must be easily
comprehensible in the level of the patients, not harsh nor offensive which will trigger them to
become angry. Indeed, feelings are hard to be communicated, but an effective nurse is able to
express in a friendly and comforting manner. Above all, the best insight we have perhaps is that,
we are not merely there to study them but to let them feel that life is worth living, that the person
they are worth to care and we are ready to care for them.”

Conceptualized by: Acaso, Roxiel J.; Alfeche, Emeralva B.; Aureo, Leslie Jane S.; Bagana, Jayson P. and Cortez, Randy D.

        The theory of Interpersonal Relationship by Peplau includes psychodynamic
   nursing. It states that,“ it is being able to understand one's own behavior to help
   others identify felt difficulties, and to apply principles of human relations to the
   problem that arise at all levels of experience." because the nurse and patient are
   stranger to each other, the nurse should treat the patient with ordinary courtesy.
   In other words the nurse should not prejudge the patient but accept him/ her as a
   person. During this time, the nurse should treat the patient as emotionally able
   unless evidenced indicates otherwise. That's why the patient is not only the object
   of nursing action, but also a partner in the nursing process.

       Reference: Tomey, A. M., and Alligood, M. R., 2002. Nursing theorist and their work. (5th ed.) Mosby, Inc.

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