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					 Italian Ministry of Welfare
 and Labour

          “ICF in Italy Project”

                Welfare Policy Development

   Implementation, training and utilization’s strategy of the
International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health
            of the World Health Organization, ICF

  Il                                                              DIN
 ITALIAlavoro                                 Disability Italian Network
Why do we need disability data?

   Disability accounts for 500 M healthy live
    years lost worldwide
   Diagnosis alone fails to predict
    treatment, services and policies needs
   Evaluate effectiveness of interventions
   Need to evaluate mainstreaming and
    social integration
The information gap in disability
                Health Sector:

   Service needs
   Intervention effectiveness
   Service utilization patterns
   Cost effectiveness
The information gap on disability
                  Social Sector

 Lost productivity and Disability: how big is the

 Return-to-work policy: do they work?

 Anti-discrimination law: what effect do they
Disability and
Health of the
How does ICF Help?
International common language of
  functioning and disability

    I. cross-cultural and language

    II. international standard

    III. Cross sectorial usage
   What is the key message of
   the ICF?
ICF puts the notions of ‘health’ and ‘disability’
   in a new light. It acknowledges that every
  human being can experience a decrement in
      health and thereby experience some
  disability and it clarifies the essential role of
    the environment to determine disability.
 This is not something that happens to only a
              minority of humanity.
 ICF thus ‘mainstreams’ the experience
     of disability and recognises it as a
        universal human experience.
       Cultural changes:
      the ICF’s revolution

any person in any moment of life
   can have a health condition
 that in a negative environment
        becomes disability
        (ICIDH 1980 )

to PERSON with disability
         (ICF 2001)
How does ICF Help?: MODEL
Consistent and coherent MODEL of

 Universal not minority approach

 Functioning as a spectrum, not

 Evidence-based thresholds
How does ICF Help?: MODEL
Consistent and coherent Model of


 Interactive (person-environment)

Advantages ICF for Social policy
  Linkages between health information
  health-related information

  Parity: disability independent of etiology
  (mental or physical health condition)

  Holistic and inclusive: the lived
  experience of functioning and disability
      Italy. Bari, 14-16 February 2003
    II National Conference on Disability

Conference reccomendation: it is reccomended the use of ICF
  Classification as standard instrument for welfare policy
                     development in Italy
                 Ministry of Welfare

             ICF in Italy Project

     It is planned by Ministry of Welfare to start an action of support for the
developement of a national consciousness of disability based on ICF principles and
 on ICF related instruments. To accept ICF implies to consider disability not as a
  problem of “some” but as an issue for the whole community, starting from the
 Institutions. Diminish disability of a population requires a common effort and a
   multisectorial collaboration as defined by the biopsychosocial model of ICF
The biopsychosocial model proposed
by ICF and Bari reccomendations

The ICF biopsychosocial model of health and
 disability involves then all the sectors of public
 policies and particularly welfare, health,
 education, labour.

Intersectoral collaborations and integrated
  approach will be the keys to identify solutions
  to decrease the disability of populations and to
  improve social integration.
               Italian Ministry of Welfare

               “ICF in Italy” Project: Aims
   Develop a national consciousness on ICF principles

   Data collection on health and disability in Italy

   Develop common language and intersectoral exchange of

   Develop a “Pilot project: ICF and Labour policies” with Italia
    Lavoro for the the application of ICF in the labour sector for
    integration of person with disability in the work sector

   Develop Training program with the scientific and technical support
    of the DIN, training will be then given to WHO for international use

   Exchange of data and information with other countries
ICF in Italy: ICF and labour policies
Project. Actors
   Ministry of Welfare
   Italia-Lavoro agency and its branches: ICF and
    labour policies project coordinator
   Disability Italian Network: tecnical-scientific
    advisory board
   Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education,
    NGO’s, Regions, Public Administrations…
   Scientifc Societies
Italian Ministry of Welfare                                       WHO
and Labour                                    World Health Organization

         “ICF in Italy Project”
               Welfare Policy Development
   Implementation, training and utilization’s strategy of the
International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health
            of the World Health Organization, ICF

   ICF and Labour Policies
                              Pilot Project

 Il                                                                 DIN
ITALIAlavoro                                    Disability Italian Network
                                                   Per fare la differenza …

Is ICF a really necessary exercise?                      Misurala
                                                          con …

    In other words:

    Should we really consider to describe,
    classify and measure the “human

    Try to find consensus on complex items
    such as health and disability and then open
    a season of strong innovations as well as of
    strong conflicts?
Change could be guided or passively accepted

      The issue is NOT to decide whether to
      change or not.

      The issue is to choose whether to
      positively guide or passively take the
      ICF offers a conceptual model that has
      the strength and the possibility to be the
      cultural standard and the guide for this
      challenge                                    Per fare la differenza …

                                                          con …

The Minstry of Welfare and the ICF
in Italy project
The Italian Ministry of Welfare accepts the
 challenge proposed by the application of ICF
 model and in collaboration with national and
 international organizations will feed back the
 national and international community on
 progresses and developments of this project.

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