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Virtual Classroom in Introductory Statistics Courses


									Expect More, Get More:
   The Joys of Teaching Online

Olcay Akman
Dept. of Mathematics
Illinois State University
  MAT-150 Fundamentals of Statistical
     Introductory statistics course for non-math
     Course Description:
        Develop statistical reasoning to analyze data and use
         elementary probability ideas to justify the validity of ...

  Traditional lecture, and online format
Traditional Lectures
  Textbook used: Statistics: Informed Decisions
  Using Data (2nd Edition) by Sullivan.
  Minitab Lab sessions.
  Weekly quizzes, midterm and final exams.
  About 30 students (majors such as nursing,
  communication, music, education etc.)
Online Version
  Textbook used: None
  Instead used a software by Hawkes
  Learning Systems, Charleston, SC.
Online Version
  Table of Contents:
Self-paced Learning
  Instructor assigns material to be
  studied and sets due dates.
What instructor sees
What student sees
Self-paced Learning
  Students studies the material at home
  at their (almost) own pace and answer
  questions perfectly (Certification) by the
  due date.
Self-paced Learning
  Sections can be certified only if they are
Virtual Office Hours
Online lectures
Proctored Tests
Proctored Tests
Content covered in a semester
  Traditional                      Online
      Data Collection                Data Collection
      Descriptive Statistics         Descriptive Statistics
         One variable                Probability
         Two-variable relations      Discrete Distributions
      Probability                       Bin., Poisson, Geom.
      Discrete Distributions         Cont. Distributions
         Binomial only               Sampling Distr.
      Normal Distribution            Interval Estimation
                                      Hypothesis Testing
                                         Mean, proportion
                                      Two Sample Comparison
                                         Means, Proportions
                                      Regression
                                      One-Way ANOVA
                              Comparison of Grades




                                                     This guy didn’t take
% of students

                                                     the final. He had a    Traditonal
                                                     B avg. until then     Online



                      A   B          C               D             F
Student Comments
 I enjoyed taking this course online because it was very convenient. I learned the same
 amount that I would have in a normal class. The software was helpful due to the fact I
 could work at my own pace as long as it was done by the due date. Also various practice
 questions were available to assist in studying which lead to higher scores. The progress
 report allowed me to keep track of my grade and ensure that all assignments were
 complete. If something was confusing we were able to talk with you to answer questions
 and clarify the confusion. This was my first online course and I am happy with the results.

 Thank you so much for the bonus opportunities!!!

 I thought the class turned out to be pretty good. You always made sure that we knew you
 were available to assist us whether it was via the online classroom or in person. The
 program also provided me with assistance by walking me through the answer. Im glad i had
 you as a teacher and that I stuck with it.

 So in all it was not as bad as I perceived a 4 hour statistics course would be.

 I thought that having to certify the homework (although very frustrating sometimes) was
 actually a great help. Because you could not go on in less you really truly understood the
 material. Where as in traditional math classes you do the homework but it might be
 completely wrong and you would never know it.
Student Comments
 I liked that I could work at my own pace. If I was in the mood to do 5 sections, I could do
 that, unlike in a classroom, where you have to work with the teacher's pace. The part I did
 not like was when I became frustrated, I did not have a teacher to turn to right at that
 moment. Of course, you were willing to meet with me at any time, but if I wanted to get
 something done right then, I had no way to figure it out, other than the computer program.

 Last but not least… an email exchange with a student

 …After the final, I have a grade of 89.83%. Will that be rounded up to an A, or will it remain a B? Thank
 …To me 89.83 is 90 :)...what do you think? :))
 …I think that sounds wonderful! =) Thank you! Enjoy your holidays!
New Development
 MAT 150 (as of Fall 2009)
     Online section using Hawkes software.
     Traditional section using the Hawkes
      software bundled with a Hawkes book.
Extended University
  Online class for general public
     Students from other IL colleges,
     Non-traditional students,
     Part-time undergraduate students,
     Non-math graduate students
Extended University
  State-wide accessibility
     Online course management,
     Online office hours
     Online lecture sessions
     Collaboration with other institutions
Extended University
  State-wide accessibility
   • Richland Community College
   • Spoon River College (both Macomb and Canton Campuses)
   • Illinois Valley Community College
   • Benedictine University
   • Elgin Community College
   • Carl Sandburg College
   • Oakton Community College
   • Shawnee Community College
   • Northern Illinois State University
Extended University
  Department-wide online courses
  College, university-wide online courses
  State-wide presence.

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