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					Template - Engagement letter of offer

<Applicant Name>
<Address 1>
<Address 2>
Dear <Applicant Name>
I am pleased to make you an offer of engagement with <Agency> on the terms outlined in this letter.
To accept this offer you will need to sign and return the ‘Acceptance of Offer’ (attachment A) within
<Agency to determine response period> of the date of this letter. If your acceptance is not received by
this time this offer of engagement may lapse. We recommend that you keep a copy of your signed
acceptance for your records.
Your engagement will be made in accordance with the Public Service Act 1999 as set out in the ‘Notice of
Engagement’ (attachment B), and is subject to your meeting the conditions set out in the Notice.
Please note that generally your terms and conditions of employment will be drawn from the <Agency
Enterprise Agreement>.
Please be aware that in signing the ‘Acceptance of Offer’ you are accepting the conditions set out in that
document. To ensure that you are aware of key legislation, policy and procedures applying to you as a
<Agency> employee, a number of key agency documents have been included for your information.
If you require any assistance please contact me. I look forward to welcoming you to <Agency>.
Yours sincerely
<Agency Representative>
<Work Address 1>
<Work address 2>


Attachment A

I, <Applicant Name>, of <residential address> accept the offer of employment and agree to the terms and
conditions described in the Notice of Engagement.

I acknowledge that:
    My employment is subject to the provisions of the Public Service Act 1999, and that a failure to
     comply with any obligation of my employment may result in action under the procedure for
     handling misconduct, and may result in a sanction, including the termination of my employment.

    I am obliged to uphold the reputation of the <Agency> and abide by the APS Values and Code of

    I have received and agree to work in accordance with the assignment of duties and job description
     for my role.

    I am aware that the <Agency> is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 and I have been made aware
     how my personal information may be used and to whom it may be disclosed.

    I have received <agency to insert any other inclusions here>. This may include key agency
     documents and useful information.

    The offer of engagement may be cancelled before it takes effect for any reason; including if I
     supply false or misleading information relevant to my engagement.

Signature:_________________________________            Date    ____/____/____
 I advise that:

       I have not previously been employed in the Australian Public Service


       I have previously been employed in the APS and have been a member of:

                  Name of Superannuation Scheme ______________________________________

                  Membership number                ______________________________________
 AND                                                                            Yes   No
 Are you currently contributing into a Commonwealth superannuation
 Do you have a deferred/preserved benefit?
 Are you currently receiving a pension from CSS or PSS?
Attachment B


Section 2 – Staff member details

Employee full name:                                     AGS Number:

Engagement:                                             Classification
                                                        (s23 PSA 1999):

Team, Group and Location:                               Full time salary on commencement:
<Use relevant Agency terminology as required>           $<Insert relevant figure> per annum
<Insert Agency reference No’s as required>

End date:1                                              Hours per week on Commencement
<N/A for ongoing engagement>                            <Insert relevant number of hours > per week
<Insert end date for non-ongoing enagement>
NOTE: Your employment may be terminated at any
time in accordance with the provisions of the
Enterprise Agreement or the National Employment

 For employees engaged under Section 22(2)(b) or 22(2)(c) of the PSA your employment terminates on the date
specified and you should have no expectation of a further engagement
Conditions of engagement                        Acceptance of offer on terms described
(s22(6) PSA 1999 & APSC policy                  Agency to add relevant Conditions of Engagement here, examples
applies)                                        include, but are not limited to:
                                                Character or Security clearance
                                                Health clearance
                                                Australian citizenship, and
                                                Satisfactory completion of probationary period
                                                Completion of entry level training program

Terms of employment                             <Title of Agency Enterprise Agreement>
                                                Public Service Act 1999
                                                Fair Work Act 2009
                                                National Employment Standards
                                                Other Commonwealth legislation relating to OHS & compensation.

Assignment of Duties                            As prescribed in the attached job description
(s25 PSA 1999)

    As a delegate of the <Agency Head> under the Public Service Act 1999 (the Act), I - <Agency Head or
    Delegates name> -
                 (i) engage the person as specified above;
                 (ii) allocate the classification specified above to that Employee under the Public Service
                      Classification Rules 2000; and
                 (iii) assign the duties specified above to that employee under section 25 of the Act.
    This Notice of Engagement will take effect on the commencement date specified above, provided the
    employee takes up duty on that day, or if another day is agreed, it will take effect on that other day.

    <Agency Head or Delegates Name>
    <Delegate of the> <Agency Head>

    The above example is adapted from a template supplied by the Australian Public Service Commission.

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