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					Compared to a neon sign, an LED sign is not
  significantly cheaper. However, it is longer
lasting and offers the brightest lighting. Neon
signs are not as bright and they fade or flicker
  with age. On the other hand, incandescent
  signs are poorly lit and they burn out often.
LED signs allow companies to program the message on the display as often
as required The possibilities are endless They can even feature animated
text, which can be a powerful method of advertisement
 Instead of replacing a sign, an establishment can simply update the message
using a software, which makes the sign customizable to address the marketing
and advertising needs of a business Furthermore, signs featuring LEDs are
not only energy efficient, but are also environmentally friendly
 Neon and incandescent light signs use more than double the wattage
compared to LEDs LEDs also do not heat up since they are made of solid
 This means that they are extremely durable, making them excellent for
everyday use As such, they may even be left open day and night
 They are expected to last for up to 100,000 hours, which makes them cheaper in the long run, as opposed to the 35,000 hours
of neon lamps, and the 4,000 hours of incandescent lights LEDs are low
maintenance, have a low possibility of toxic leaks, and will not add much to the
electricity bills
 Even with a considerably high price, their versatility, durability, and
eco-friendliness make the LED sign a more practical choice over the neon or
incandescent light signs

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Description: using a software, which makes the sign customizable to address the marketing