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       forced out?                                 a Youth fight for Jobs & education campaign

                                               cHanges                in London
                                             couLd force              tHere are
                in over 50%                  200,000 out                70,468
                 of London                    of London                 emptY
                 BorougHs                                               Houses
               peopLe spend
                over 50% of
               tHeir incomes
                  on rent
                                            average             32% increase                tuesday 17 th
                                            wait for
                                            a counciL
                                                               in tHe numBer                                  april
                                             House is
                                                                 of HomeLess
                                                                Young peopLe                       7.00pm
                                             7 Years             in London in
                                                                                            uLu, malet
                                                                                           London, w treet
                                               in uK               Last Year

                                                                                                         c1e 7
                                                                                                      by unite HY
                                                                                            Housing w         1
                                                                                                     orkers Bra111

a    s young people we are suffering as a
     result of government cuts. We feel it in
every aspect of our lives: access to education,
                                               mean that our access to a home of our own is The future we are looking at, if nothing is
                                               under serious threat – unless we fight back! done to stop the Con-Dem axe, is one where
                                                                                              young people face over-crowded, squalid
or student debt; access to public services we  Rents in some London boroughs are sky- housing and starvation rent levels or are
need, such as health care; access to decent    rocketing because of the Olympics. House forced out of London.
jobs, of course; and living costs such as food,prices across the capital have bucked the
transport, everything go up and up…the list    national trend and continue to rise. But banks
goes on and on.                                won’t look at young people when it comes
                                               to mortgages and most of us can’t rely on
                                                                                               we are launching this campaign to

But when we look for somewhere to live we ‘bank of mum and dad’! And the onslaught on
                                                                                                bring together the forces that can

really feel it – and the Con-Dems’ plans could benefits means that support is crumbling…
                                                                                                prevent this nightmare scenario –
                                                                                              young people and the trade unions.

02085587947                                                                       www.youthfightforjobs.com
                           Can’t buy, can’t rent, can’
                                                 contracts saying tenants have to be away         further reducing the desperately short
High prices                                      for the Olympic month.                           supply of council housing on top of the
                                                                                                  1.5m council properties that have been
In Britain buying your own home is seen
                                                 Shelter said “It’s a strong possibility that a   taken out of the system since 1979.
as proof of success but London’s young
                                                 large number of east London tenants may
people have become ‘generation rent’.
                                                 face eviction, rent hikes and losing their
This is not through any fault of ours
                                                 homes as a result of the Olympics.”              •   Reopen and renovate the thousands
but because of the combination of high
                                                                                                  what we say:

property prices, low wages and nervous                                                                of empty properties in the UK as
banks.                                                                                                good quality council housing - no
In London the average age of a first time                                                             more waste!
buyer is 32, three years older than the                                                           •   Create jobs.
national average. Findaproperty.com                                                               •   There should be a mass council
has found that first time buyers with no                                                              house building programme to solve
parental financial assistance in London                                                               the enormous shortage that exists in
were likely to rent for 31 years! That’s                                                              affordable housing.

                                                                                                  •   Stop privatisation - no to the selling

almost twice the average in England.
                                                                                                      off of council housing.
                                                                                                  •   Renationalise sold-off housing stock.
                                                                                                  •   Offer to buy back ‘right to buy’
                                                                                                      properties that people can no longer
                                                                                                      afford- offering affordable rents.
                                                 Monthly rent on a two bedroom flat in Tower
                          £28,770                    £1,400 pcm          £32,500 pcm

                                                 Hamlets or Hackney would normally be
                                                 about £1,400. However, properties are being
                                                 advertised for the games at up to £7,500 a       Quality
            £9,865                               week. Metro

                                                 •     Councils should set up hotlines
                                                 what we say:
                                                       and enforcement officers to report
                                                       and tackle rogue landlords who are
                                                       trying to force tenants out during the
            2000            2011

Prices have soared. In 2000 a first time buyer
needed a deposit of £9,865, 14% of the price.          Olympic period.
In 2010 £28,770 was demanded, 21%.               •     After the Olympics, the infrastructure
                                                       should be used to benefit the low-
There’s no choice for many of us but to

                                                       paid and young. Including the

rent. But London rents are also escalating             Olympic village to provide affordable
rapidly. In October 2011 the average rent              housing and pools and areas opened
for a two-bedroom flat was almost two                  for public use with low costs.
and a half times the average in the rest of
the country. But price does not guarantee
quality.                                         council Housing
                                                                                                  The most common new three-bedroom house
                                                                                                  was found to have 77% of the recommended
•   Rents should be capped at an                                                                  minimum space - a shortfall equivalent to two
what we say:                                              what it is & how young
    affordable level. Councils to check on                                                        double bedrooms.
                                                             people can’t get it.
    this.                                        Council housing is affordable housing
•   Councils and the government should           provided by the government and local
    build affordable housing.                                                                     The RIBA (Royal Institute of British
                                                 councils. When council housing was built
•   Banks and building giants should be                                                           Architects) recently slammed new house
                                                 in the post-war period, it lifted millions of
    forced to provide cheap, no or low                                                            projects saying that many new houses in
                                                 working people out of poverty and slum
    interest mortgages. When they refuse                                                          the UK are “shameful shoebox homes”
                                                 housing.                                         which are too small for family life.
    we demand they should be fully
    nationalised and run them to meet            There is a huge lack of council housing.
    social need.                                                                                  If the new housing that is built continues
                                                 Very little council housing has been built       to put profit above size and quality we will
•   People should be offered the                 over the last 20 years. The average wait
    opportunity for mortgages to turn                                                             see housing become reminiscent of the
                                                 on the council housing lists is almost 7         pre-war over-crowded slums of the past.
    into affordable rents.                       years. House building in London was at
                                                 an 83 year low in 2010 and Boris Johnson
                                                 has presided over just 56 new starts of
olympics                                         affordable housing in London between             •   That the provision of housing is high
                                                                                                  what we say:
                                                 Oct-Dec. 2011.                                       quality as well as affordable.
The Olympics have already and will               The Government have pledged £400m for            •   No shortcuts in new buildings.
continue to be a nightmare for renters           the building of new homes. But last year             Legislation to prevent developers
in East London. Increasing reports say           they cut £4billion from the building fund!           building tiny cramped houses.
that people are being forced to move                                                              •   All new council housing should meet
during the month or face rent increases          This limited investment is coupled with              the minimum recommended space
and clauses are being written into new           an increase in the ‘right to buy’ discounts,         requirements.
’t take it? ...Join the fightback!
                                                                                                those areas from Central London. They in
 Huge rents -But Housing Benefit                                                                fact see it as an opportunity to put rents
                                                                                                There are also massive knock-on effects
 Low pay!        attacked
                                               The attacks on Housing Benefit will have a       that these changes will have on local
 Young people face chronic low pay,
                                               devastating effect not just on poor but on       services as people move. There will be
 lower minimum wages, worse terms
                                               families and young workers too.                  increasing pressure on local services.
 and conditions, unpaid internships and
 soaring unemployment.                         The Housing Benefit cuts overall add up
                                               to £2.4billion. This is a drop in the ocean
                                               when compared to the cost of bailing out
                                               the banks at £850billion or even that
                                               Vodafone alone was let off a tax bill of
                  income                                                                             ed

                                               The benefit cap, the changes to the

                                                                                                In Hammersmith & Fulham the Children’s
                                               Single Accommodation Rate for young              Services department said that 10% of primary
                                               people and the changes in how benefits           schools (and 5% of secondary school pupils)
                                               are calculated will force hundreds of            will ‘potentially’ be affected by the changes.
                                               thousands to move as the gap between

                                               their rent and benefits grow.

                                               The government’s own figures show                •   All housing and housing benefit cuts
                                                                                                what we say:
                                               that nationally 88,000 young people will             should be reversed.
                                               be affected by the changes to the Single         •   Labour councils should refuse to
 In more than half of London boroughs          Accommodation Rate. Young people will                implement the cuts and set up rent
 Londoners spend over 50% of their incomes                                                          controls.
 on housing.                                   instead be expected to find a cheaper
                                               option, most likely in a shared house.           •   No age discrimation in benefit
                                                                                                    entitlement. Young people don’t have
 At the same time private rents are soaring                                                         lower rent and bills so we shouldn’t
                                               However more than 70% of local
 meaning a bigger and bigger proportion                                                             have lower benefits!
                                               authorities have said that they have no
 of what we earn is spent on rent and other    shared accommodation private sector
 housing costs. On top of extortionate
                                               provision for young people despite this
 rents, few are able to get their foot on                                                       Homelessness
                                               being the only option for young people.
 the housing ladder because banks won’t                                                         Homelessness has risen 17% in the last
                                               Reports also show that this kind of
 give mortgages to low earners in the                                                           year, that’s another 200,000 registered as
                                               accommodation is in desperately short
 current economic climate and many are                                                          homeless.
                                               supply in many areas and even where it
 reportedly asking for deposits of 40% of      does exist there is a resistance (to say the
 the property value.                                                                            In London it is even higher, there has
                                               least) on behalf of private sector landlords
                                               to deal with young people claiming               been a 32% increase in the number of
 While we face these attacks and further       benefits.                                        young people sleeping rough in the last
 cuts, leading more and more of us to                                                           12 months and it is unsurprising that in
 struggle to make ends meet, the bosses’                                                        Haringey, the borough where the riots
 that caused this crisis have seen their                                                        began, homelessness applications have
 bonuses go up by 187% since 2002!                                                              risen by 83% in the last year!
 The myth that bosses and bankers have                                                          At the same time there are savage attacks

 earned their keep and benefit the economy                                                      on the services that exist to help homeless
 has been shown to be lies; whilst bankers                                                      people.
 cost the rest of us £8.40 for every £1 they

 produce, hospital cleaners on £6.26 an                                                         The rise in homelessness is one of the most
 hour are worth £10 for every £1 they cost                                                      damning indictments of this government
 because they prevent superbugs, saving                                                         showing that it is failing to provide the

 the economy a fortune!                                                                         most basic standard of living to people in
                                                                                                the 7th richest country in the world.

                                               Claimants are often labelled scroungers but
 •   A mass house building programme           in reality Housing Benefit bypasses the tenant
 what we say:
                                               going straight to the landlord.
     and renovation scheme should
     be used to create jobs and                The government’s answer is to insist that
     apprenticeships on trade union pay        cutting Housing Benefit levels will cause
     rates, that can alleviate the current     landlords to reduce what they charge. But
     crisis.                                   predictably, most landlords are saying           1 in 4 people fear being made homeless.
 •   A living minimum wage for all - no        the opposite. In Barking & Dagenham
     lower youth rates.                        and other cheaper areas around London
 •   Reverse all job cuts. We didn’t cause     landlords are anticipating that the Housing      •   No cuts to homelessness services.
                                                                                                what we say:
     the crisis, we shouldn’t have to pay      Benefit changes will actually create             •   Councils take over and reopen empty
     for it with job cuts.                     greater demand as people are forced into             properties as affordable housing.
... but we can fight
              back!                                        what can we do?
                                               We will be organising across London to fight back against the attacks
                                               on the right to a decent home. Get involved in the campaign! Use the
                                               contact details below.
                                                                                                  charge, c) Builds more Council
                                               •   Talk to your friends about the                 housing etc.
                                               at work:
There is a rich history of successful
                                                                                              •   Find out how many signatures
campaigns and protests we can learn from.      •   Leaflet your workplace.                        you need to get the council
In 1915 a month-long rent strike of 30,000                                                        to debate your petition and
people in Glasgow took on the money-           •   Pass a motion at your trade                    organise a protest outside the
grabbing landlords and won rent freezes
                                                   union branch in support of the                 next council meeting.
from the government.
                                                   campaign (contact Youth Fight
In the 1980s in Liverpool a Militant led           for Jobs for a model motion).              •   Use Facebook and Twitter to
council (forerunner to the Socialist Party)                                                       publicise the campaign widely.
took on Thatcher’s Tory government and         •   Organise a meeting in your                     Use hashtags!
refused to implement cuts. Instead they
                                                   work place to discuss a                        Follow @youthfight4jobs
took the tories on with a mass campaign
                                                   campaign.                                      Facebook: Youth Fight for Jobs
of workers, young people and families,
and won. They were able to rehouse 6,300
families from tenements and flats, built                                                      take action:
4,800 houses and bungalows, improved                                                          •   Occupy a luxury flat in one
                                               Build the campaign:
7,400 houses and flats and lots more.
                                               •   Link up with trade unions                      of the many new housing
In subsequent years the government tried           locally about getting involved                 developments that charge
to bring in the Poll Tax. A vicious tax that       and organising the campaign.                   extortionate rents to highlight
meant that a millionaire would pay the                                                            the issue.
same as a nurse. A mass campaign of non-       •   Use Unite the Union’s
payment was organised and 18million
people refused to pay making the tax
                                                   community membership                       •   Do a stunt around an Olympic
unworkable. It was scrapped which led to           scheme to help link up young                   venue; ‘a race to the bottom’ or
the downfall of Thatcher herself.                  people and students with the                   ‘climb the housing ladder’...
                                                   Trade Union movement.
In the US today where almost 11 million                                                       •   Protest outside empty flats,
Americans owe more than their homes            •   Petiton to demand your                         outside companies that control
are worth and where there are 24 empty
houses for every homeless American,                local council: a) Makes no                     empty properties like the
people are occupying houses across the             cuts to Housing Benefit, b)                    Met Police who have spent
country in protest at this disgusting waste.       Has a review of the private                    £105,548 securing their 99
                                                   rents rates in your borough                    empty properties 50% of which
These examples all show that if we                 demanding they introduce a                     have been empty for over a
organise and fight back we can beat this
weak government!
                                                   cap on how much landlords can                  year!

who are Youth fight for Jobs?
                                               Youth Fight for Jobs is a campaigning organisation bringing together young people,
                                               students and trade unionists to fight against the ConDem austerity agenda. We launched
                                               in 2009 in response to rising levels of youth unemployment. Since then things have gone
                                               from bad to worse for young people. Youth unemployment stands at over 1 million.
                                               EMA has been scrapped and fees have trebled. House prices and rents in London, like
                                               food priced and bills go up and up. And youth services have been smashed by the
                                               ConDemolition wrecking ball.
                                               We say that we won’t pay for the bosses’ crisis. We call for a massive fight-back. We fight
                                               for a society that is run by and for the 99% not the 1%. We struggle for a society that
                                               can offer decent jobs, pay and conditions. We call for a socialist alternative to the crisis
                                               ridden capitalist system.
                                               If you want to fight for your future, join us!

to get involved contact Youth fight for Jobs:
call: 02085587947
text: Housing, & Your name to 07716610893
                                                                                                    forced out?
Email: Youthfightforjobs@gmail.com                                                                   figHtBacK!
02085587947                                                                          www.youthfightforjobs.com

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