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									               Guarantee Of Performance

                               This KVAR® Energy Controller Unit
                              Is Guaranteed To Deliver A Minimum
                                    Of 10% In Energy Savings

  The Original Price Of Your KVAR® Unit Will Be Refunded In Full If You Do Not
    Realize A Minimum 10% Reduction of Monthly Power Bill In The First Year
REFUND ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Warranty Service Requirement Period (WSRP): The KVAR unit listed on this certificate must be
in continuous service for at least 12 months from installation date at the service address listed. Installation of KVAR unit by anyone other than a
licensed electrician voids all terms of this guarantee. KVAR Unit Refund will be paid upon acceptance by AEC Systems Inc ., of valid
documentation that total KWH usage for the WSRP is less than 10% of the total KWH usage for the immediate previous 12-month period. Valid
Documentation includes an original power bill for each month of WSRP, with each bill providing current and previous-year kilowatt hour usage
and cost for the same month at the same address; or, other verifiable power company documentation providing comparable information. Refund
requires a copy of receipt signed by installing licensed electrician and return of the KEC unit.
   Steven Fish, President KVAR Energy Savings                                   Primary name and title
    Customer: _____________________ Service Address ________________________________________________________

    KVAR Model _________ Serial Number _____________________________ Installation Date ______________________

    Installing Electrician _________________________________________ Salesperson ______________________________

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