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									Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane
When you live in an area that is prone to
hurricanes, it is important to understand
how you can prevent the damage that may
occur during a hurricane. Understanding
how to prepare your home for a hurricane
may minimize the cost of storm damage
that you incur.

Storm damage can be extremely
detrimental. Minimizing the opportunity
that the storm has to damage your home
will keep you safe throughout the storm
and can also ensure that you do not have
to spend a lot of money restoring and fixing your home after the storm.

During a hurricane your windows will be very vulnerable. Fortifying your windows can ensure
that your windows are not going to break from the wind and are not going to be shattered if the
debris that is blowing around in the storm should happen to hit your window.

How to Protect Windows

Some people tape their windows to try to protect them from a hurricane. Taping your windows
will not do your windows much good, instead of taping them purchase some plywood and some
heavy duty bolts to create a safe protective covering for your windows.

Getting the plywood may be difficult if you wait until the last minute. When you know that a
storm is coming it is helpful to prepare early so you do not get caught in the last minute rush of
people trying to purchase the plywood that they need to protect their windows.

After you have your plywood you will want to cut the plywood to the size of your windows.
After the plywood is cut, you can then bolt the plywood to the window frame so you will be able
to protect your windows throughout the time that they are exposed to the hurricane.

                                                  Securing the Roof

                                                  Second, you may have seen footage of a roof
                                                  being lifted off of a home. Unfortunately,
                                                  during times of high winds, like a tornado or a
                                                  hurricane, it is not rare to see a home that has
been left without a roof because the wind took the roof off of the home completely.

The best way to avoid wind damage is to have a roof that is steep. When a roof is steep, you will
be able to ensure that it does not act like an airplane wing and create lift as the wind is blowing
up against it during the entire storm.

If you have a relatively flat roof, you will want to find a way to harness your roof to your home.
Although this may sound absurd, it is the best way to minimize the risk of losing your home and
having to replace your entire home.

Some people tie their rafters down to the top wall and other people will install metal hurricane
straps. You can hire a professional to install these metal hurricane straps if you do not feel like
you are going to be able to install them on your own.

Getting your home ready for a hurricane may be frustrating, but will be well worth your time and
effort. Getting ready for the hurricane will be easier than cleaning up after the hurricane.

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