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					                            The Edgecliff Excursion 7.00 AM

START         Sydney Running Centre, Shop 1b / 203 – 233 New South Head Road
              The Edgecliff Centre, Edgecliff
0.3    L      Glenmore Rd
0.6    L      thru Trumper Pk
1.3    R      Harris St
1.5    L      Elizabeth St
1.9    L      Paddington St
2.2    R      Jersey Rd
2.25   L      Rush St, then R Halls Ln
2.3    L      Queen St
3.1    straight down steps to Attunga St
3.4    L      Manning Rd then R Suttie Rd (dogleg)
3.6    R      into Cooper Pk, past tennis courts (on left), stay on path thru to top of stairs
4.2    straight into Bellevue Park Rd
4.5    straight thru Bellevue Park down foot lane
4.8    R      Banksia Rd
4.9    L      Old South Head Road            **Short A**
                                                                                SHORT OPTION A
5.3    R      O’Brien Street, becomes Lamrock Avenue                    Subtracts 1.8 km. 12.8 km total.
6.1    L      Campbell Parade                                        0.0 Stay in Old South Head Road
6.6    L      Beach Road                                             1.6 L Newcastle Road
7.1    R      Glenayr Avenue
7.2    L      Blair Street
7.3    R      Warners Avenue
7.7    R      Old South Head Road
8.4    L      Newcastle Street        **Short A Rejoins**
9.2    L      New South Head Rd
11.0   R      Wunulla Rd
11.4   L      Wyuna Rd
11.7   L      Wolseley Rd
12.6   R      New South Head Road
13.3   R      William St
13.7   L      Bay St
14.1   R      New Sth Head Rd
14.6   L      The Edgecliff Centre, New South Head Road, Edgecliff         FINISH

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