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									                                         JOHN D. WHITE
                                                St Joseph, IL. 61873
                        Cell: (217) 799-5408

                   Turnaround Strategies – Lean Manufacturing – Strategic Planning
Accomplished Senior Manager combining cross-functional qualifications and hands-on experience in management,
and team leadership to steer operational efficiency and revenue growth within multifaceted manufacturing
environments. Solution and goal-oriented with a strong capacity to turnaround plants, improving productivity,
increasing profit margins and bottom-line contributions. Skilled in all facets of manufacturing, including best
practices, hazard analysis and critical control points, HR issues and development of high-performance work teams.
Open to travel and relocation. Core competencies include:

          Multi-Site Operational Management                         Team Building/Training & Development
          Lean Manufacturing                                        Production Planning/Project Management
          Strategic Planning/Business Planning                      Cost Reduction/Revenue Expansion
          Process Engineering/Process Improvement                   Financial Management/P&L/Budgets
          Labor Relations                                           Executive Coaching

                                   P ROFESSIONAL E XPERIENCE
KIK Custom Products, Danville, IL.
General Manager, 2008 – 2012
Overall responsibility for P&L of a unionized 390,000 square foot aerosol and liquid facility. Utilized 500+
employees and 10 direct reports to produce FDA regulated OTC and non-OTC personal care, pet care and household
Selected accomplishments:
    Turned around a strained relationship with largest customer resulting in the customer moving 2 new products into
    the facility.
    Successfully integrated two new businesses into plant which resulted in 15 million units of volume and $1
    million in EBITDA.
    Aggressively streamlined plant operations and subsequently developed and implemented a strategy that delivered
    a record EBITDA of $7 million with a 10% reduction in volume.
    Improved plant recordable injury rate to 0.85, the BEST safety record in Division.
    Drove development of Computer Based Training to ensure consistency and content of training. Recognized as a
    Best Practice within the Company

Marietta Corporation, Chicago, IL.
Plant Manager, 2006 – 2007
Recruited by COO to play lead role in turnaround initiative to restore profitability and improve customer service,
plant safety and product quality. Responsible for entire supply chain process including purchasing, manufacturing,
engineering, quality assurance, logistics, and customer service. Managed staff of 250 associates with 12 direct
Selected accomplishments:
    Successfully integrated new Colgate dishwashing detergent business into plant which resulted in a 40% increase
    in plant revenues. In addition, this opportunity provided increased synergies within purchasing and distribution.
    Aggressively analyzed plant operations and subsequently developed and implemented a turnaround strategy that
    transformed EBITDA from a deficit of $ 1 million into a positive $400,000 within one year.
    Successfully implemented elements of lean manufacturing that resulted in 15% improvement to conversion
    costs and a $480,000 reduction in plant overhead expenses.
    Resolved existing environmental compliance issues and reduced OSHA recordable injury rate to 7.2.
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Little Lady Foods, Elk Grove Village, IL.
Plant Director, 2003 - 2006
Cost center management responsibility for two USDA manufacturing and distribution facilities with combined sales
of $70 million and operating budget of $51 million. Directed all elements of operations including, manufacturing,
human resources, quality assurance, engineering, warehousing, and distribution. Managed staff of 350 plant
associates and 10 direct reports.
Selected accomplishments:
    Introduced elements of Lean Manufacturing at both facilities resulting in an annual labor savings of $500,000 and
    a 20% improvement in operational efficiency.
    Utilized a cross-functional team approach to successfully launch two new national product rollouts for Kraft and
    Wal-Mart increasing facility sales by 15% while maintaining 98% service rate.
    Improved OSHA recordable accident frequency rate by 30%.

Élan Nutrition, Grand Rapids, MI.
Plant Manager, 2001 – 2003
Managed and directed all phases of manufacturing process as well as facility strategic planning development and
execution. Managed a staff of 400 plant associates and 8 direct reports.
Selected accomplishments:
        Planned, directed, and executed successful improvement initiatives to operational efficiency.
            Developed production planning process that improved on-time customer deliveries by 25%.
            Increased overall plant productivity from 500,000 to 715,000 units per day.
            Utilized flex labor options resulting in a $150,000 annual savings to labor overhead expense.
            Established and directed an internal Continuous Process Improvement Team that reduced manufacturing
            material losses by 20%.

Everburn Manufacturing Company, Lexington, KY.
Director of Plant Operations, 2000 – 2001
Recruited to a high-profile leadership position to manage all facets of plant operations, business planning, and
customer development for a $15 million ceramic fire log manufacturing plant with a $2 million annual budget
Selected accomplishments:
        Streamlined and enhanced plant operations utilizing selective elements of Lean Manufacturing that generated
        a 20% increase in productivity including record-setting monthly outputs in daily units produced.
        Championed introduction of intra plant process improvement teams that reduced scrap loss by 15% and
        enabled rapid commercialization of multiple new product launches that generated $100,000 of additional
        revenues to the plant.

Rustoleum (Division of RPM), Pleasant Prairie, WI.
Manufacturing Manager, 1996 – 1997
Provided tactical leadership and direction to all aspects of $300 million paint and specialty coating manufacturing
plant producing over 2,500 products sku’s. Scope of responsibility was diverse and included manufacturing, quality
control, warehousing, distribution, engineering, financial management, and human resources. Managed a staff of 255
non-union hourly and salaried employees.
Selected accomplishments:
        Spearheaded turnaround of failed startup on new aerosol packaging line. Brought failed lines to full
        production capability netting the company a 20% increase in production capacity.
        Revitalized safety procedures resulting in three consecutive accident-free months.
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Hidden Valley Ranch Manufacturing Company (Division of Clorox Company), Wheeling, IL.
Plant Manager, 1986 – 1996
Directed plant turnaround strategy and synchronized new market launch into the retail food industry. Managed largest
and most complex retail food plant within the company with annual revenues of $200 million and total staff of 225
employees. Responsible for all aspects of operation including manufacturing, sanitation, quality, engineering and
maintenance, warehousing and distribution, human resources, and finance.
Selected accomplishments:
        Aggressively implemented turnaround strategies transforming one of the most unproductive plants to the
        most profitable and productive within company.
        Reduced raw and finished goods inventories by $5 million over a two-year period through implementation of
        MRPII system.
        Improved plant capabilities and brought outsourced production in-house which generated over $4 million in
        annualized savings to the company.
        Formulated and executed Total Quality Management (TQM) improvement process that reduced plant cost by
        $1 million annually.
        Reduced Workers’ Compensation obligation by $250,000 over three years through execution of safety
        improvement program.
        Designed and instituted a pay-for-performance program for production associates resulting in new
        productivity records and more efficient use of labor.
        Accelerated pace of new product commercialization projects and subsequent introductions to market.

Kingsford Manufacturing Company (Division of Clorox Company), Burnside, KY.
 Plant Manager 1982 – 1986 and 1997 – 2000
Note: Fast-track advancement within this company from 1981-1986; recruited again in 1997 as Plant Manager with
goal to streamline operations and orchestrate product line expansion initiatives.
Senior Manager responsible for all aspects of daily operations for $250 million charcoal briquette manufacturing
plant. Scope of responsibility included manufacturing, purchasing, distribution, human resources, engineering,
environmental compliance, financial management, and strategic business and capital planning. Management oversight
of union negotiations for 120 employees and staff recruitment and development for 25 salaried positions.
Selected accomplishments:
        Spearheaded strategic planning and implementation of multiple projects that generated significant savings
        and profitability including:
             Transition from outsourced to in-house lighter fluid product manufacture resulting in an annual savings
             of $750,000.
             Expanded internal plant operational capacity generating $1.5 million in divisional savings.
             Key member of Division Task Force that developed and implemented a long-range capacity plan leading
             to two plant closures and $5 million in division savings.
             Directed automation efforts of packaging operations delivering $300,000 in labor reduction.
        Dramatically improved operational performance by standardizing work practices, reorganizing staff,
        implementing monthly plant meetings, and establishing lines of accountability. As a result the Plant became
        the lowest cost producer and most efficient plant within division.
        Instituted measures that significantly improved environment compliance and resolution of compliance-
        related issues with the State of Kentucky.
        Recognized by the State of Kentucky for an innovative on-site Adult Education Program that improved work
        force skills and served as a standard for other companies statewide.
        Received Outstanding Citizen of Year Award from Chamber of Commerce for community involvement,
        which aided in reversing negative company image within community.
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Administrative Manager, Kingsford Manufacturing Company (Division of Clorox) – Burnside, KY. 1981-1982
Production Manager, Duraflame (Division of Clorox Company) – Stockton CA. 1980-1981
Planning Engineer, The Clorox Company, Oakland, CA. 1978-1980
Production Supervisor, The Clorox Company, Chicago, IL. 1976-1978

                               E DUCATION & C REDENTIALS
Master of Business Administration – Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California
Bachelor of Science Degree in Operations Management
Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois

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