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									                                                                                                                                     Tel/Fax: 0161 446 8513
                                                                                                                                Email: nwsor@christie.nhs.uk
                                                                                                                                Web: http://www.mrts.org.uk/

ST4 Teaching Programme

Date                                                   Topic                    Lecturer      Teaching                                       Venue
02/11/11   How to do research                                  Professor A Jackson          YES          Ground Floor Seminar Room 2-4 pm.
                                                                                                         Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre
                                                                                                         27 Palatine Road Withington, M20 3LJ

07/12/11   Consent and giving bad news                         Dr N Chalmers                YES          Tutorial Room, X-Ray Dept., MRI
11/01/12   How to get the best from NHS IT                     Dr R Bramley                 YES          Radiology Seminar Room, Christie Hospital
           CV - the shop window                                Dr H-U Laasch
07/03/12   Dealing with ethical issues                         Dr G Murphy                  YES          Room 1, Education North, MRI
           How to write a scientific paper                     Dr R W Whitehouse            YES          Room 1, Education North, MRI
18/04/12   Ongoing Consultant Appraisal/job planning
                                                               Dr T Kane await email
02/05/12   Clinical governance                                 Dr H Burnett                              Seminar room 2 Mayo Building Salford
06/06/12   Working in a multidisciplinary department           Dr E N Kumar                 YES          Seminar Room, X-Ray Dept., Royal
                                                                                                         Blackburn Hospital

ST 4 – 9 half days (18 hours)

ST5 Teaching Programme

    Date                                               Topic                     Lecturer     Teaching                                       Venue
19/10/11   Time Management                                     Dr E N Kumar                 YES          Seminar Room, X-Ray Dept, Royal
                                                                                                         Blackburn Hospital
14/12/11   `Hot’ topics for a consultant interview             Dr J Carlin                  YES          Meeting room 10 Mayo Salford
           Consultant Appraisal and CME                        Dr L Hacking
18/01/12   Managing and organising a radiology department   Dr P M Taylor            YES   Radiology Seminar Room,MRI
08/02/12   Communication                                    Dr J Miles await email
14/03/12   How to survive the first year as a consultant    Dr H Varia               YES   Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Room to be
09/05/12   Service changes in the NHS                       Dr R Laitt               YES   Seminar room 2 Mayo building Salford
           Preparing a business plan in Radiology           Ms E Quick               YES
                                                                                           NB room still booked 2/5/12

ST 5 – 9 half days (18 hours)

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