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may think of a stuffy board room with a bunch of old guys talking about the

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									   We live in a world of workplaces, office spaces, and
      factories. All these large companies need many
   different people in order to run efficiently, the guys in
  the warehouses building the widgets, or the people in
 the office high-rises selling and paying for the widgets.
    The office landscape has evolved since it became
     necessary in the years past. During the industrial
revolution, there was a lot of bookkeeping and financial
needs for businesses and having everyone in the same
     place helped out with communication immensely.
     There are still 3 basic needs for a company, work
    spaces, meeting spaces, and support areas. Most
 successful offices have these and the best ones come
  up with some unique versions in order to get the most
    out of their employees. If you need some help visit
           Used Office Workstations Chicago. >

Support spaces are places where the employee does many auxiliary tasks that
helps them with their job It may be visiting a break room for lunch, or printing
out something at the printer, or filing something in storage
 These places are integral in an office When you think of meeting places you
may think of a stuffy board room with a bunch of old guys talking about the
http://www.247workspace.com/office-cubicles bottom line
 You would be right, but there are other options, many more informal than that
one You can have a smaller meeting room for just a few people, or you could
book a convention center, but this wouldn't be part of the office at this point
 The work spaces are the most abundant in an office They are where
employees do most of their work
 This could be a cubicle setup or a more free ranging setup of desks that may
foster more cooperation This could also mean all the corner offices and other
private offices that don't have to share a space with other employees, this is
usually someone a bit higher up on the corporate ladder
 For workstation ideas for furniture for these corner offices try here: Office
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