GCSE COURSEWORK by ewghwehws


         GCSE Coursework
 25% of overall marks/grade
 3 pieces submitted to exam board
 At least one completed in controlled
 Draft / Final version
 3 pieces=      250 – 300 words Foundation
                 400 – 500 words Higher
         For Grade C or above
   Must show evidence of the following:

 Variety of tenses (Past, Present and
 Opinions and justifications (j’aime….parce
 Lots of “salt and pepper”
                 Source material
 When writing your draft, you may refer to a variety of
                   source material:
 Exercise book
 Text books
 Dictionary
 Worksheets
 Web sites (must be declared)

 Forcontrolled pieces, only a dictionary can
 be used.
Task: Advertising my school

   Your task is to produce a piece of
    coursework that advertises your school
   Higher Level 150-200 words
   Foundation 80-120 words
   You could design:             a prospectus
                                  a poster
                                  a web-page
   Deadline for first draft: Friday 21 November
Suggested Plan:
   A brief history of the school – when it was built,
    changes to buildings, staff etc.
   Facilities (classrooms, labs, sports facilities,
    canteen, library etc.)
   Subjects studied, length of day and lesson times
   Rules and Uniform
   Any special features/strengths
   Clubs and after school activities
   Opinions of students already here
   Why parents/students should choose this school
   … fue construido               …was built
   … abrió                        … opened
   Construyeron/                  They built/added
   Hay/ Exista                    There is…../there exists
    Tiene/tenemos...              We have…
   Se puede hacer/estudiar        You can do/study
   Tiene que/ No tiene que        You must/must not
   Está prohibido de….            It is forbidden to..
   Las asignaturas obligatorias   compulsory subjects
   Las asignaturas facultativas   optional subjects
   Escogí                         I chose

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