The Best Rock Band Ever In The History Of Music by scott2178


									The Best Rock Band Ever In The History Of
Judging from among the millions of rock bands to arrive at deciding the best rock band is indeed a
daunting proposition. There will be as many theories and beliefs as perhaps, are rock bands, before any
decision, if any, can be made.

The Best Rock Band
Still, there can be no debate on the fact that The Beatles are considered by many, if not all music
enthusiasts to be the best rock band that the music industry has seen. The thing about The Beatles is
that they were at the helm of the music industry at the right time – right in the middle of the tumultuous
60s, when the music loving youth was ready for a new kind of music and a new kind of sound and
The three young boys from Liverpool in the UK, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison,
came together in a move to make history at a time when there was a great deal of cultural flux, using
American rock and roll and British pop to make life changing music and giving the world a never seen
before Beatlemania, a hysteria and a crazed fan following unprecedented in the history of the world.
With Brian Epstein, this new rock band gave the world its first hit single, “Love Me Do” or “P.S. I
Love You” in 1962.
The rock band then went on to compose “Please Please Me”, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and the
classic “Can’t Buy Me Love”, talking them steadily up the charts of popularity and success in the UK.
The best rock band first caught the glimpse of what would later be called Beatlemania only after its
members set sail for the USA in 1964. Their performance on the Ed Sullivan Show alone took them up
the dizzy heights of fame and popularity, taking their “I Want to Hold Your Hand” to the top of the
The energy and the charged up atmosphere that The Beatles created had been unmatched by any other
rock band in the entire history of mankind. Such was the reaction to this rock band’s performances that
they had to stop performing live after their San Francisco concert and turn their energies to the
recording studio. Of course, this turned out to be a blessing for the rock band’s million fans. The result
of their creative energies gave the world such sophisticated productions as “Norwegian Wood”.
“Eleanor Rigby” and the iconic “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and “When I’m Sixty Four”.

The Best Rock Band
For as many as eight long years, The Beatles lived up to their promise of being the best and the finest
rock band ever. It was only their break up in 1970 that brought them down from the pedestal, but by
then they had been firmly ensconced where no rock band had ever been and where no rock band was
likely to be. It is for this reason that The Beatles are still regarded as the best rock band that the world
has seen.

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