The Light of the world by dfhdhdhdhjr



Be not overcome
 of evil, but
 overcome evil
 with good.
         “this is the
that light is come
    into the world,
   and men loved
  darkness rather
         than light,
     because their
deeds were evil.”
               John 3: 19
Your Mission Should you
  decide to accept it…
             "To give light to
              them that sit in
        darkness and in the
        shadow of death, to
          guide our feet into
         the way of peace.."
                    Luke 1:79
                     To open their
                     eyes, and to
                       turn them
                  from darkness
                     to light, and
                 from the power
   of Satan unto God, that they
may receive forgiveness of sins”
For God, who commanded
the light to shine out
of darkness, hath
shined in our hearts,
to give the light of the
knowledge of the glory of God
in the face of Jesus Christ.
      Jesus wants

To give us a mission
that seems…
“You are the light of the world”
                       Matthew 5:14-16
  Millions of people need to hear
the witness you have to share.


“Americans are now intensely
interested in spiritual matters.”
                              Media focus
 "Is There Life After Death?“
U.S. News And World Report:
 "Finding God On Flight 292“
 "Is There A Clear View Of Heaven?“
 "Is The Bible Fact or Fiction?“
 "Do Bad Things Just Happen?“
 "Can We Still Believe In Miracles?“
 "Who Is God?“, Who Is Jesus
Our mission, if you accept it…
You receive power
Freed us from sin
Cleaned life to serve
Given boldness to speak
Partner to convince
    Your Mission Is Crucial

A life saving mission
Your story is unique
Only it will do
You are somebody’s only hope…

Anguish of bad choices
Broken homes and lives
Deadly diseases of sin
Addiction to destructive habits
Blindness to eternal condition
Peril of the masses
 What Does It Mean To Witness?

America obsessed with Court TV

Judge Joe Brown      JAG
Judge Joe Hatchett   Judge Judy
Judge Miles Lane     Judge Mathis
American Justice     Moral Court
Divorce Court
A witness is only allowed to testify
about what they have personally

What Jesus Christ did to save us is
 always the same Gospel

As God works in your heart, He
 shows you how to share your
 witness and gives you power to be

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