Identify Attractions in Indian Metros Before Booking Flights to India

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					                  Identify Attractions in Indian Metros Before Booking Flights to India

The legendary author, Mark Twain described India in the words, ‘India is, the cradle of the
human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the
great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man
are treasured up in India only’. Hardly surprising that so many tourists fall in love with the
country. Check out some of the most powerful crowd pullers from famous Indian cities.

Delhi, the capital of India, plays host to plenty of cheap flights to India making it the natural choice of
touchdown for many travellers visiting the country. The city has been the seat of many dynasties. This
has gifted the city with the mixed grand heritage of its erstwhile royal rulers. For instance, Old Delhi has
Jama Masjid, which is said to be the largest of mosques in India, as well as the mind numbing Red Fort.
No less majestic is Lutyens’s Delhi or New Delhi with awe inspiring structures like Parliament
House, Rashtrapati Bhawan, and India Gate. Delhi also has no dearth of hotels and be it shoestring
budget tourists or rich travellers booking first class and business class flights to India – the city
offers ample accommodation facilities for every taste and budget.

Decorated with epithets like ‘city of palaces’ and ‘city of joy’, Kolkata has
witnessed some of the most colourful incidents of Indian history. Being a strategically important
location, Kolkata’s airport is also served by its fair share of cheap flights to India. The city has
seen marvellous constructions over the centuries and the grand Victoria Memorial is just one instance of
the legendary architectural feats, Kolkata has witnessed. Some of the other captivating heritage
buildings are St John’s Church, Fort William, Asiatic Society, Eden Gardens, General Post Office,
and Writers’ Building.

This huge friendly South Indian city of Chennai also has quite a few claims making it a piping hot
attraction for many travellers booking flights to India. For instance, Chennai’s Marina Beach has
the distinction of being the longest urban beach in India. Motorcycle enthusiasts can visit the Enfield
Factory, where India’s most enviable motorcycle, the Enfield Bullet is manufactured. In fact,
Chennai is home to many famous landmarks in India such as Kapaleeshwarar Temple, the huge
Theosophical Society, Fort St George, Ramkrishna Mutt Temple, and Vivekananda House. Shopaholics
can indulge themselves places such as Fabindia, Woods Rd, Nilgiri Dairy Farm, George Town, Chennai

Popularly called the air conditioned city for its benevolent climate, Bangalore is also a hub of India IT
boom. This makes the city home to a young, successful, and hep generation. No wonder, pub crawling,
shopping, and overall entertainment are high priority activities in Bangalore. The destination also does
not score badly on the tourist front and has many interesting sightseeing places such as Bangalore
Palace, Bull Temple, Dodda Ganeshs Temple, Cubbon Park, Government Museum & Venkatappa
Art Gallery, Iskcon Temple, Karnatka Chitrakala Parishad, and Lalbagh Botanical Gardens.

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