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									                        Gloucester City Council
                              Housing in Gloucester
                          The facts about Homelessness
  The Local Authority has a statutory duty to assist   What we can do to stop people becoming
  homeless households or threatened with               homeless:
  homelessness.                                         Rent in Advance & Deposit Scheme/Tenancy
     Government set targets to reduce
      homelessness and halve numbers in temporary       Supported Housing Network / Prevention
      accommodation                                      Protocol with Housing Providers Mediation
     Reduce and bring to an end the use of bed &        service
      breakfast accommodation for young persons         Private Sector Procurement and initial tenancy
      aged 16 to 17 years and families                   support
     Increase prevention measures.                     Lodger payments
                                                        Prison/ Hospital visiting
 Households may become homeless for a multitude
 of reasons, some simultaneously.                       Nightstop
                                                        Access to an Illegal Evictions Officer
 Reasons include: family breakdown, mortgage            Sanctuary Scheme
 repossession, end of tenancy, domestic violence,       Mortgage Rescue
 substance misuse, leaving care, physical and           Advice to young people
 mental health problems                                 Choice Based Lettings

 These factors can be extremely detrimental to long
                                                  Examples of accommodation that
 term well-being and development especially on    applicants may be referred to:
 children and avoiding homelessness is critical.
                                                   Young Parents Scheme
 One in five homeless people with a mental health  Under 25 Supported Accommodation
 problem cites their mental health as a factor in  Over 25 Supported Accommodation
 becoming homeless. (Mind)                         Women Only Supported Accommodation
                                                   Private Sector Scheme
 Statistics April 2010 – March 2011                Refuge
                                                   Night Shelter
   3143 households sought advice and assistance,
                                                   Emergency Accommodation: Bed & Breakfast
   or emergency help from the Homelessness Team.
                                                     & Hostels
  334 Homeless Applications were taken.           Examples of support if not offered
  633 households were prevented from becoming     Knightstone Floating Support
  homeless.                                       Gloucester Domestic Violence Support &
                                                  Advocacy Project
  349 households who presented as homeless who
                                                  Gloucester Action for Refugees & Asylum Seekers
  needed emergency accommodation, i.e. bed &
  breakfast or hostel accommodation.              (GARAS)
                         Services and Neighbourhoods
Housing Strategy and Enabling Service
 01452 396513
 Herbert Warehouse
The Docks
Gloucester GL1 2EQ
                        Gloucester City Council
                            Housing in Gloucester
                        Questions about Homelessness
 What do you think is important about the way we       What should or could we or you do about it?
 deal with homelessness in Gloucester?

 Do you feel there are other ways we can prevent
 people becoming homeless?

 If you were at risk of becoming homeless, what
 type of support would you like to receive?

                                                   Strongly   Agree      Disagree Strongly            No
                                                   agree                          Disagree            Opinion
 It is important to invest
 in combined housing and health
 services to address underlying
 health issues contributing to
 It is important to provide
 stability for clients who have been
 Vulnerable clients know how to
 get help to avoid homelessness
 I am aware of the help available in order
 to avoid becoming homeless
 Other Comments

 Equalities Information
 Age/D.O.B:                                            Ethnicity:
 Gender:                 Male  Female                  Sexual orientation:
 Is this the gender you                                Religion:
 were assigned at birth? Yes  No                       PLEASE RETURN either by post to the address below or
                                                       VIA E-MAIL TO Enabling@gloucester.gov.uk
 Disabled:                    Yes       No
                         Services and Neighbourhoods
Housing Strategy and Enabling Service
 01452 396513
 Herbert Warehouse
The Docks
Gloucester GL1 2EQ

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