ww2 by hedongchenchen


									Topic – Atomic Bomb

Grade Level – 7th

Apps Used –

NYS Standards Addressed – SS 2,3,5

General Lesson Objective/Procedure – The students were instructed to
watch the videos that were loaded onto the iPods from the USHMM site
referenced above. The basis of this project was for the students to investigate
the causes of WW2 and the lead up to the dropping of the A-bomb. The students
were then to decide whether or not it was a good decision to drop the bomb and
tell of an alternative to doing so. Their answers had to be based in fact and their
story told through the use of comic touch lite.

General Anecdotes – the hindrance to this lesson was printing the final
projects. However as the teacher was watching the line of students grow when
students were to do a final print a very interesting conclusion was reached. The
students were bringing their iTouches up with them to wait in line and were able
to work while they were waiting. It truly brought out the 1-1 aspect of the
project as well as the ability to work at all times and have an increased time on
task. Also, for this lesson there was no prior teaching, it was strictly project
based and the students learned a great deal.

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