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					beautiful transformations
                        brought to you by MD Cosmedical Solutions
                                                            *awarded Australia's thermage leaders & fraxel specialists

                                            Before                                   After                 NEW to Australia
                                             makeover                                makeover               Thermage CPT
                                                                                                              non surgical facelift
                                                                                                           only ONE 60 minute treatment
          pigment & freckles
                                                                                                          • non invasive skin procedure
           sun damaged skin                                                                                 requiring no surgery or injections
      brow droop & hooding                                                                                • suitable for face & brow lifts,
                                                                                                            skin tightening of neck, arms
                   ageing skin
                                                                                                            & tummy
                      wrinkles                                                                            • results appear immediately &
                                                                                                            continue to improve with time
              dark eye circles
                                                                                                          • 94% patient success rate
                   acne scars                                                                               (reference ASLMS study 2005),
                                                                                                            450,000 treatments worldwide
            jowl & neck laxity

              lip lines & pores
                                                                                                              Fraxel restore
                    face lifting
                                                                                                             laser skin resurfacing
                                                                                                          only available to medical clinics
                                                                                                          • non invasive treatments that
                                                                                                            can dramatically improve your
                                                                                                            skin & removes years from your
                                                                                                          • remarkable results with little or
                                                                                                            no discomfort or disruption to
                                                                                                            daily life
                                                                                                          • specialised medical treatment
                                                                                                            for acne scars, pigment, lip lines,
                                                                                                            sun damaged skin, stretch marks,
                                            actual MD Cosmedical Solutions patient                          ageing skin, wound scars

                                                                                         Facelift     Tummy Tuck    Acne Scars       Pigment
                            total makeover                                              by thermage   by thermage     by fraxel      by fraxel

  MD Cosmedical Solutions specializes in non surgical total makeovers by utilizing
  the most advanced & safest technologies & techniques available. Excellent
  results & patient satisfaction is achieved for most individuals.

 Cosmedical Specialities:               •   dermal fillers & lip augmentation             BEFORE        BEFORE        BEFORE         BEFORE
 •   fraxel skin resurfacing            •   wrinkle injections
 •   thermage skin tightening           •   liquid face sculpting
 •   ultrasonic contour fat blaster     •   acne, scar & stretch mark treatments
 •   mesotherapy cellulite treatment    •   laser hair removal
 •   laser face & leg vein treatment    •   excessive sweating injections
 •   hair regrowth laser & treatments   •   laser tattoo removal                          AFTER         AFTER         AFTER          AFTER

Dr Buddy Paul Beaini MB. BS. DCH. Member ASCM * all treatments are performed by our qualified and experienced medical & nursing team

· Sydney Sheraton Hotel                       P. 1300 885 808
· Wahroonga                 E.
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