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Bull-running Fiesta of Pamplona by Marchushaas


									                 When / Where / Why???
              6th-14th July every year

   When?

   Where?    Town Hall of Pamplona, Northern
   Why?

              Though the history is unclear,
                 evidences of the Bull Running
                 celebrations can be traced back to
                 14th century. It is widely believed that
                 the event initially originated to bring
                 the bulls from off-site corrals, to sell
                 at the market, men would attempt to
                 speed up the cattle using tactics of
                 fear and excitement .Over the years,
                 this changed into a competition as
                 youngsters attempt to race in front of
                 the bull without being overtaken
                .
 The seven- day festival is conducted from 6 th to 14th of July
                          every year.
        There is no bull running on the opening day.
People above 18 yrs can participate without any registration.
 All should dress in white with a red handkerchief around
       their necks and a red sash around their waist.
 Once the signal is on, six bulls along with six steers charge
down the street towards the bullring along an 825m stretch.
once all the rings entered the bullring and the final rockets
               marks the end of the Bull Run.
Reach the venue early and take the
corners tight, as the bulls are going to go

 Viewers can stand behind the fence or
on balconies

Music, dancing and drinking allowed,
but don’t drink too much

It is acceptable to tap the bull with a
rolled-up newspaper

While running, if you slip, trip, get
pushed, stumble, or just plain fall – stay
People below 18 yrs of age must not

Crossing police barriers placed to
ensure that the run goes off smoothly.

Respect the bull; never pull its tail or
any action that could hamper it

Avoid waiting in corners, blind spots,
doorways or in entrances to other
establishments located along the run.

Glass is not allowed

Photography prohibited, with out
due authorization
         Thank You
          Aug 14 2012
Michael Haas |

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