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No.      Rank     Risk                   Description                       Category
T1              1 Unforeseen System      Our company is constantly up to Technology
                  Failure                date with the newest and best
                                         technologies however, as with any
                                         technology new or old, unforeseen
                                         system failures or systems errors
                                         can occur at anytime.

F1              1 Unforeseen Financial   Our company has had a long          Financial
                  Risks                  history or working with technology
                                         projects, and is well versed and
                                         aware of many possible financial
                                         risks. Some of the most
                                         unforeseen financial risks that can
                                         occur at any time include ; the
                                         company's ability to afford the new
                                         system, the proper usage of the
                                         company's financial resources,
                                         and the ability of the project to
                                         meet the expected ROI and
                                         payback estimates as well as a
                                         host of many other risks that can
                                         occur at any time.
F2   1 Estimating Errors(cost, While we strive to provide the best Financial
       time, resources)        customer services and support
                               while ensuring quality, there is
                               always a chance that a
                               miscalculation or error can be
                               made when estimating time,
                               resources, and potentially more
                               important, cost. All estimates are
                               documented and reviewed many
                               times before anything is put into
                               action, however mistakes still
                               have small potential of occurring
                               both internally and externally.

S1   1 Identity Theft/System   While our company is constantly Security
       Intrusion               becoming aware of and
                               implementing newer technologies,
                               new risks tend to arrive with them
                               as well. Even with some of the
                               highest security systems in place,
                               it is very hard to tell when identity
                               theft will occur or if it will even
                               occur at all especially when
                               private information is constantly
                               being accessed and used across
                               the system at all hours.
                               Additionally, the system also faces
                               unwanted network intrusions as
                               well as many other unwarranted
                               security issues.

P1   2 Poor Stakeholder        Our company often builds strong People
       Communication           customer relationships which
                               usually leads to further projects.
                               Since we don't know too much
                               about this new company, it may
                               be hard to anticipate or
                               understand their actual needs and
P2   3 Poor End-User           We strive to involve the end users People
       Involvement             in the production and application
                               of the new system as much as we
                               possibly can. In the end, the new
                               system is designed for the end
                               user, therefore we are able to
                               address any discrepancies ahead
                               of time. While we do try and
                               involve the users as much as we
                               can, there are a few problems that
                               we face such as; involving the
                               right users, making the
                               involvement easy, the timing of
                               the user involvement within the
                               project, and finally the relationship
                               established with the users.

P3   2 System Rejection( due   Our company has had much             People
       to Ineffective System   experience when dealing with
       Promotion)              proper system promotion and
                               acceptance among its end users,
                               and we know just how crucial
                               proper system promotion is.
                               When switching over to a new
                               system, typically end users will not
                               be open to the new idea, therefore
                               proper promotion of the new
                               system and its process is
                               necessary in order to help prevent
                               possible system rejection by its
                               end users.
P4   4 Poor Human Resources Our company has had much            People
                            experience with all types of
                            various aspects with human
                            resources over the years, and we
                            have noticed that there is possible
                            potential that a problem might
                            develop. Typically problems tend
                            to develop with a lack of
                            leadership, or poor organization.
                            All of these risks have the
                            potential to bring unwanted
                            outcomes and must be addressed

P5   2 Poor Support Staff      Our company has dealt with many People
                               company's and there support
                               staffs over the years, and we must
                               always adapt to each new
                               company's support staff in order
                               to understand their technical
                               understanding and to ensure that
                               they can perform the required
                               duties of their new roles in the
                               project. Typically we develop
                               strong customer relations with a
                               company and continue to work on
                               future projects with them, however
                               since this is the first time we will
                               be working with HVHS, it is
                               necessary that we ensure proper
                               system support and maintenance
                               throughout the lifetime of the

P6   3 Insufficient training   Due to the new introduction of      People
                               telemedicine and the new
                               introduction of this system to its
                               users, sufficient training may or
                               may not be provided given the
                               constraints of time and the overall
                               technical level and knowledge
                               possessed by the system's users.
c1   2 Decrease In Initial   Given our company's long history      Technology /
       System performance    with its clients, we have to come     People
                             to realize that in some situations,   (encompasses
                             the system performance may            both)
                             experience an unforeseen
                             decrease in system performance.
                             This may be due to the new
                             systems introduction to its end
                             users, or it can also be hardware
                             or software related.

P7   1 Unclear Scope         Given our many years of            People
       Requirements          experience and high work ethic,
                             we work to ensure that everything
                             we do is both clear and concise.
                             While we have never experienced
                             this particular situation before,
                             there is still a very miniscule
                             possibility that the project could
                             slow down or miss a deadline.
P8   1 Poor System   Our company always seeks to          People
       Maintenance   ensure that once a project is
                     implemented, that it continue to
                     run and be utilized with optimum
                     efficiency while attempting to bring
                     out the highest beneficial
                     outcomes of the systems use and
                     implementation. Having said this,
                     it is very important that proper
                     system maintenance is performed
                     throughout the system's lifetime.
                     Given that we are working with a
                     new client, we have to ensure that
                     proper system maintenance will
                     be performed well after the
                     system's implementation and
                     throughout it use and life-cycle.
P9          2 Inability to realize the    Given our high success and high People
              benefits of the system      ethics, often times our firm will
              within a short time after   work with one client on multiple
              its introduction            projects over a set number of
                                          years. having said this, these
                                          clients are well aware of the
                                          potential benefits that will occur as
                                          a result of the project. Since we
                                          are working with anew customer
                                          ans are introducing fairly new
                                          technology and ideas to them,
                                          they may not fully realize the
                                          potential benefits of the new
                                          system within a short time after its

Very Low    5
Low         4

Medium      3

High        2

Very High   1
                       HVHS Risk Register

Root Cause                      Triggers
Any system, especially          The Project manager, in
newly created ones, are all     addition to the support staff,
susceptible to unforeseen       realized the constant threat that
and unwarranted system          the newly created system can
errors and face the constant    face, especially since
threat of system failure        telemedicine technology is fairly
whether it be due to failure    new and therefore not
of the software, hardware,      thoroughly tested enough for
or even the end user            easy universal implementation
involvement.                    of new systems.

Unforeseen financial risks      Due to the consulting firms
will always be present within   experience over the years, we
any project, and can            have become aware of many of
happen at anytime. These        the potential unforeseen
unforeseen risks and            financial risks. Given the nature
events can be caused by         of the new system and its
both internal or external       seemingly brand new
causes, such as the             introduction to both the
unforeseen loss of the          company and the world, there
company's finances or even      is a possible likelihood that
if the company goes out of      some financial problems may
business.                       ensue throughout the course of
                                the projects life and after.
When making or creating        Given the firm's many years of
estimates in regards to        consultations and project
time, cost, resources, etc.    creations, the consulting firm
there is always a small        has become aware of these
underlying chance for erros    potential erroneous estimating
or miscalculations. Some       mistakes. In addition, when
Errors can be internally       dealing with new clients and the
such as when estimating        needs of the new clients, there
the amount of speed the        is a chance that someone in
systems network will need,     the clients company may not
or even externally when        make their own accurate
given an incorrect estimate    estimations. Additionally, there
for outside services such as   may be external estimation
hardware or software           issues when getting estimates
purchased through an           from an outside company for
outside source.                things such as servers and
                               server installation times.

There are many people all      The Project Manager as well as
across the world who try       the project support staff
day in and fay out to steal    realized that there is a constant
people's identities and        security threat when dealing
personal information for       with peoples personal and
nefarious use.                 private information.

We have recently been          The project Manager realized
awarded a contract by          that we may misunderstand
HVHS to work on a project      their expectations or actual
without a good                 needs.
understanding of the new
customer or their
While our company has had      Given our vast and various end
much experience over the       user involvement experiences,
years when working with        we are most assured that
new end users on projects,     proper end user involvement
we must always adapt to a      will play a crucial role in the
new environment and            systems development as well
recalculate things such as     as it overall acceptance and life
making involvement             expectancy.
relatively easy as well as
involving the correct end
users and collecting all of
their opinions and
suggestions. Given the new
introduction of telemedicine
to the world, we must take
extra precautions that we
make sure our user
involvement is nothing short
of necessary and beneficial.

Users are not to quick to      The project manager as well as
adapt to a new system or       the consulting firm have
break their old habits, let    noticed in the past that end
alone fully accept a new       users are not to keen to switch
system's introduction into     to a new system let alone a
their workplace. Given this    whole new way of conducting
and the fact that the end      their work.
users seemingly control the
acceptance or rejection of
the new system, it is
absolutely imperative that
proper system promotion be
implemented in order to
gain more acceptance and
help to ease into the
transition of the new
systems implementation.
When dealing with Human          When dealing with the projects
Resources, problems have         human resources, the project
the possibility of occurring     manager realized that if proper
at any moment. Whether it        preventative measure were not
is poor organization, poor       taken, there could be possible
conflict management, or          human resources problems
even an apparent lacking of      within the project.
leadership, all of these
problems are able to occur
at anytime however, they
are possible to prevent.

Not only it is necessary to      The Project manager noticed
judge the overall technical      that since this new system was
knowledge of the end             unlike any system that most of
users, it is also necessary      the current HVHS support staff
to judge and take into           was used to, that the project
account to overall technical     would possibly face the risk of
knowledge and skill of the       having a poor support staff.
support staff. Since the
support staff will most likely
not be too familiar with the
new system and its
processes, it is absolutely
imperative that we ensure
we have the proper staff in
order to continue to provide
system support and
maintenance as well as
other various

Insufficient training not only   Due to our years of experience
applies to the IT support        and the new introduction of
staff, it also applies to        telemedicine systems, both the
everyone using the system.       consulting form and the project
Without the proper training,     manager have realized the
its users can become             importance of proper system
disgruntled and the              training to all of its users.
efficiency of the new
system will take a downfall,
which could lead to system
rejection and many other
unwanted outcomes.
Given the new system's             When Planning the new
new introduction and the           systems implementation and
change in work order and           overall use, it became apparent
processes that the end             to the project manager that the
users will be making, there        new telemedicine system has
lies a possibility that an         the possibility of experiencing
unanticipated decrease in          an unforeseen decrease in
system performance may             system performance. The
occur. Additionally, this          Project manager as well as the
potential risk may also stem       consulting firm both know that
from an unforeseen                 any new system stand the
hardware or software               possibility of facing an
problem which will need to         unforeseen decrease in system
be dealt with accordingly. If      performance due to hardware,
the problems continue to           software, or even the end
occur and are not easily           users. In this case, the project
mitigated, this will               manager realized that many of
immediately become a               the doctors are of an older age
severe risk.                       and are not so accustomed to
                                   the use of newer technology,
                                   especially given the fact that all
                                   of the information that they
                                   access or work with is mainly
                                   contained in written documents.

Whenever you are creating          Both the Project manager and
a project charter or even          the consulting firm are
when working on a project          constantly aware of the
at all for that matter, there is   possibility of creating an
always a chance that               unclear scope requirement.
something can be unclear
and cause a very small or
seemingly unimportant
delay however, there is
always a chance of very
high severity risks. These
high risks can include but
are not limited to delay or
failure to complete parts of
a project in time, and many
others as well.
Whenever you implement a       The entire firm that we
new system or any system       represent knows that when
for that matter, that system   dealing with any system new or
will always require            old, that system will require
continuous system              constant and continuous
maintenance. This              maintenance in order to ensure
maintenance may include        that it is operating efficiently
upgrading networking           and running at optimum
components, all the way to     capacity. In this instance, we
reformatting databases,        greatly stress the proper and
data storage, and many         required system maintenance
other system components.       in order to help ensure that the
System maintenance does        system runs as efficiently as
not only apply to hardware,    possible and maintains a long
but it also applies to         uninterrupted life-cycle. Poor
software, communications,      system maintenance runs the
and any other entity that is   high risks of causing system
utilized by the system.        errors and possible system
                               failure should the risk go out of
Whenever a new system is          Our firm is always aware of the
implemented, it faces many        occurrence of this risk
obstacles such as the             whenever we are employed to
improper utilization or           work on a project. Additionally,
operation by the end users,       when dealing with new and
or the decrease in efficiency     unknown clients, we are not
given the learning curve          fully aware if they comprehend
and the change of work            and take into consideration the
processes that it may bring       amount of time that may be
about. While our customers        required before hey begin to
most always satisfied with        see any potential benefits.
our work, a possibility still
exists that a new client may
not fully realize the potential
benefits of the new system
if they do not allow for
sufficient time.

           Contingency plan                              Mitigation plan                  Risk Owner
           While our company has never                   As with any system, this         Project
           experienced this before, there still exists   system will require              manager/Consulting
           the possibility of potential system failure   maintenance and updates          Firm
           should proper precautions not be taken.       as necessary. In order to
           Should the System fail, we will call all      help ensure that the system
           Support staff as well as former               continues to operate and run
           developers if necessary and take every        as effectively and efficiently
           action necessary in order to investigate      as possible, constant system
           what caused the problem and fix it in         upkeep will need to be
           order to get the system back up and           performed; this includes the
           running to where it should be.                constant upkeep and testing
                                                         of the software, hardware,
                                                         network, and any other part
                                                         of the system or its support.

           While there is no true way to know when       Our firm has put into order    Consulting Firm/
           an unforeseen financial risk will occur.      that in order to help prevent Requesting
           While we do take many varying steps to        any adverse and unforeseen Company
           help mitigate this risk, we also need to      financial risks, a periodic
           be prepared for the event that such an        evaluation of both the project
           incident should occur. In the event that      and the corresponding
           an unforeseen financial risk prove to be      company's finances will
           harmful, we will try to mediate the           need to be performed in
           situation and provide every bit of            order to ensure that the
           assistance that we can in order to solve      proper corresponding action
           the problem at hand. (this will vary          be taken given the situation.
           greatly depending upon the event of any
           unforeseen financial risk occurring)
There are many steps put into place in      Estimating errors have the     Consulting
order to help reduce the occurrence of a    potential of causing very      Firm/Possible
risk, however in the event that an          serious and unwanted           outside sources
estimating error should be found, the       problem throughout the
corresponding documents will be             project's lifetime. Knowing
checked immediately and the estimating      this, in order to help prevent
errors will be immediately recalculated     estimating errors, there will
and followed by the proper necessary        be a documented log of all
actions. These actions can include but      estimates and calculations
are not limited to the re-estimating of     which will be further
costs, and even the additional allocation   reviewed for accuracy before
of resources as seen necessary.             being put into effect.

Should the system be breached or            In order to prevent the        Consulting
personal information stolen, an             unwarranted system             Firm/Client
immediate investigation will be             intrusions or the possibility
conducted within the company and            or identity theft, the project
possibly the local authorities of           manager as well as Team 2
necessary. Additionally, the system may     technologies will ensure that
temporarily see more of a restriction       constant security updates
when accessing the personal information     will be installed as they
until the time when the problem at hand     become available. In
can be solved and fixed successfully.       addition to the constant
                                            upkeep and security checks
                                            on the system, Penetration
                                            testing will be periodically
                                            conducted in order to help
                                            prevent against future
                                            network intrusion.

Should poor stakeholder communication       Hold periodic meetings in       Project
be noticed or any of its corresponding      the addition to the ones that Manager/Consuting
adverse outcomes, immediate action will     are already scheduled as        Firm
be taken to clarify the problem at hand,    part of the project in order to
and an immediate meeting will be            better understand the
scheduled with the stakeholders in order    company's needs and to
to find a solution.                         ultimately get to know them
should poor end user involvement be           In order to try and prevent    Project
noticed, we will immediately try to correct   poor end user involvement, Manager/Consulting
the situation by finding out what needs to    we will need to meticulously Firm
be addressed and taking the proper and        consult with the end users
necessary actions.                            and make sure that we are
                                              providing sufficient end user
                                              involvement that will
                                              ultimately benefit the project
                                              and our firm as well as the
                                              new system.

Given the event that we notice inefficient    In order to ensure that there Project
system promotion or its ultimate system       is proper system promotion, Manager/Consulting
rejection, we will quickly try to demo to     there will be an increase in Firm
as many end users as possible the             end user involvement as well
benefits of the system and try to             as an increase in the overall
convince them of the acceptance of the        consideration of user
new system. Additionally, further actions     suggestions and opinions.
may be necessary in order to ensure that      Furthermore, the new
the system is accepted and the project is     system will be demoed to
a success.                                    the new users, while
                                              stressing the importance of
                                              the system and its new
                                              added benefits. Additionally,
                                              proper end user training and
                                              support will be established in
                                              order to assist the end users
                                              with the new systems
                                              operation and to help to
                                              ease their transition into its
Should there prove to be a problem             In order to help mitigate and Consulting
resulting from poor human resources,           prevent problems from         Firm/Client
immediate action will be taken to help         arising within or from human
address and correct the problem at             resources, it is necessary
hand. Additionally, a note of this problem     that proper leadership be
will be made, and proper measures will         both taken and shown.
be taken in order to help ensure that this     Furthermore, it is necessary
problem does not reoccur.                      that we periodically have a
                                               discussion to help ensure
                                               that there are no human
                                               resources problems.

In the event that poor or lacking support      In order to help ensure that Consulting
staff becomes apparent, an investigation       the support staff is familiar Firm/Client Support
will be taken in order to discover the         with the system and properly staff
source of the problem and the                  performing their duties,
corresponding actions will be taken in         support staff involvement will
order to alleviate the situation, as well as   be constant throughout the
to provide proper training.                    projects lifetime. Proper
                                               extensive training will also
                                               need to be provided to the
                                               support staff in order to help
                                               make sure that we do not
                                               risk having a poor support

In the event that we notice insufficient       In order to help ensure        Consulting
training, all of the users effected will go    sufficient training, the users Firm/Systems
through retraining in attempts to address      of the new system will be      Training Company
any problems.                                  given a training seminar with
                                               a hands on introduction to
                                               using the new system. After
                                               the first training seminar,
                                               annual system training will
                                               be stressed and provided
                                               through the in house support
Although we work as hard as we can to        While we strive as much as Client/Consulting
endure that the system will not see a        we can to make sure that       Firm
decrease in performance, if should such      everything is up to the
an event occur, there is to be an            highest standards, we also
immediate investigation followed by          realize that there may
quick action to determine what is            possibly be some
causing the systems decrease in initial      unanticipated problems or
performance. If it is software based, an     issues when faced with
immediate investigation will be ordered      system performance both
with the help of a systems analyst and       directly and shortly after its
support staff when necessary. After the      new introduction to the end
investigation, the proper actions will be    users. In order to ensure the
taken in order to address and correct the    optimal performance of the
source of the software problem which         new system, the system will
may include the rewriting of the systems     continue to be monitored
code, and a host of many others as well.     and all events logged before,
Given the event that the decrease in         during, and after the
performance is due to hardware, an           systems implementation and
investigation will ensue, followed by        introduction to the end
making the necessary hardware                users.
changes which include but are not
limited to; hardware upgrades, hardware
changes, and if applicable the change of
the networking, etc. In the event that the
decrease is due to the end users, the
system as well as the operating
procedures will be monitored for a very
short time in order to ensure that the
system is being used correctly and
While this has never occurred within our     Our company has never
firm, should we come to realize that         encountered any unclear
there are unclear scope requirements,        scope requirements before,
we will immediately attempt to clarify the   and we certainly do not
problem at hand and take the                 intend to have it happen
appropriate actions. Additionally, our       anytime in the future either.
documents are reviewed many times            In order to help ensure that
before their final submission so as to       we do not run into any
counteract any potential risks that may      issues with this, we always
occur.                                       double check and run
                                             numerous reviews on our
                                             documents, especially our
                                             scope requirements.
While we have yet to encounter this         One of the prides that we      Client
problem, should it be noticed that the      have in our firm is the long
system is receiving poor system             and lasting lifespan of
maintenance, the support staff and          project outcomes as well as
everyone who is involved with system        the continued relationship
maintenance will be immediately             that we have with our clients.
questioned as to why no action was          In order to help ensure that
taken. Furthermore, the same people         the system is always
responsible for system maintenance will     receiving proper
then be requested to change their habits    maintenance, the system will
and provide proper system maintenance.      be continuously monitored
Additionally should this risk be noticed,   and a log of the
the system will be monitored more           maintenance will be created
closely in order to ensure that proper      and kept for review.
system maintenance is being performed.
Our firm always attempts to ensure that     Our firm always tries to         Client
our clients understand that they may not    ensure that our clients are
see results overnight. In some instances,   aware that each project
it may take some time before any            tends to vary drastically from
positive potential benefits are realized.   one to the next given each
Should the client feel that they are not    projects own specific
seeing sufficient benefits within a short   context. With this is mind, it
amount of time after the implementation     becomes important that the
of the new system, we will stress to        client be made aware that
remind them again that it may take some     they may not see a drastic
time before drastic or highly positive      turn around in efficiency or
potential benefits are seen. We will also   substantial benefits within a
attempt to stress the importance of the     very brief window of time
continence of the project as well as to     after the new system is put
present to them again the ROI and all       into place. Therefore in
supporting documents.                       order to help mitigate the
                                            risk of the Inability to realize
                                            the benefits of the system
                                            within a short time after its
                                            introduction we must
                                            constantly make the client
                                            aware of the time that it may
                                            take before they see
                                            substantial benefits. This
                                            may be accomplished by
                                            meeting, as well as the
                                            further explanation of the
                                            ROI and many other
                                            supporting documents.







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