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AT Connect


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									AT&T Connect®

AT&T Connect is an IP-based software application that is designed to provide people with the capability to
communicate and collaborate through video, voice, and the use of documents over the Internet. Anyone from
anywhere can interact using the features of the AT&T Connect tool such as Whiteboard, Application Sharing, the
ability to upload materials such as Microsoft Office Documents, and PDF files.

With AT&T Connect, interaction between the participants is taken to a new level with the ability to see other
participants, see who’s talking, raise your hand, and let the presenter know what you’re thinking of the presentation.
You can also exchange public or private notes between participants, and also answer polls to keep the interaction

How does AT&T Connect work?

An AT&T Connect conference starts out with an emailed invitation or calendar invitation. (AT&T Connect works
seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook calendar). When you receive an email or calendar invitation to a meeting, there
will be a link that you will use to connect to the AT&T connect web conference. It also gives instructions for
connecting with telephone only if you do not have access to a computer. If this is the first time using the AT&T
Connect application, the system will recognize and ask you how you want to connect. You can connect in two ways:

   1. The Participant Application. This is an installable application that allows the user to participate fully in the
      web conference.
   2. The Web Application. This allows the user to participate in the conference without having to install the
      application on their local machine. The web application provides limited functionality with advanced features.


Once you click the link and either have the participant application installed or have selected the web application, you
will be asked for a First Name, Last Name and Email address. Upon entering this information (so that other
participants can see who else is in the meeting) you will be directed to choose either the Participant Application or
the Web Participant Application. Upon making that choice, you will then be asked to choose an Audio Connection.
You can either choose to connect through a telephone or through the use of a microphone and speakers or headset.
At this time you are connected and will see your name appear in the list of participants.

User Roles in a Meeting

   1. Host – the person who initiates the web meeting.
   2. Presenter – the user who controls the web meeting and can load files onto the Whiteboard.
   3. Participant – all others who are connected to the web meeting. Any participant can be given presenting

AT&T Connect Features

The AT&T Connect Participant Application lets you review materials you’ve uploaded, view and share applications,
send notes and polls to other participants, and view and transmit video.

   1. The Whiteboard is the main area of the AT&T Connect application that allows you to show documents,
      applications, websites, and also annotate what is currently on the screen to further illustrate the your topic.
   2. Materials can be uploaded and in turn shown in the whiteboard. These materials can be MS Word
      documents, PDF documents, Power Point presentations, etc.

   3. Application sharing allows you to share an application that you currently have open on your computer with
      the participants. You can also give a participant remote control over the application so that they may
      experience a hands on approach without actually having to be at the computer that has the application

   4. Web allows you to show individual websites that also illustrate the topic of the meeting. You can enter a URL
      and the web page will be shown in the whiteboard. You can them use the annotation controls on the
      whiteboard to highlight specific sections of a website in reference to the discussion.

   5. Participants can interact with each other and with the presenter through the use of notes and polls. You can
      prompt the attendees with a verbal question and then use Polls to get an idea of people who agree or
      disagree. You can also send a question electronically to poll the participants. Participants can also
      communicate during the meeting using chat-style notes. You can send a note to the group or privately to
      another participant. The host/presenter can limit the ability to send notes during the meeting.

   6. Participants can also interact with the presenter by setting a status for themselves with include raised hand,
      agree/disagree, understand/confused, go faster or slower, etc.

The AT&T Connect applications also give the presenter certain controls over the participants such as the ability to
mute or expel them.

Screenshots are provided below to further illustrate this application and it’s features:

An example of an email invitation is shown below:
An example of the calendar invitation is shown below:

Join Event or Meeting Room
Select Software Type

Instructions for audio connection
Basic Meeting Window

Materials Tab with document loaded
Application Sharing

Web Document Tab
Whiteboard annotations

Notes Window

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