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Shameful attempt by DWP to cover up lies about workfare


Shameful attempt by DWP to cover up lies about workfare

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Yet More Disappearing DWP Documents – Now It’s a Freedom of
Information Request
Posted on February 26, 2012 by johnny void |
The shameful attempt to cover up Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling’s lies about workfare appears to have led to
another document disappearing from the DWP’s website. This follows the revelation yesterday that the Work Programme
Provider guidance on the DWP’s website was altered last Friday to remove references to mandatory work experience.
The latest disappeared document, which was a response to a Freedom of Information request, revealed the names of several
private companies who have enjoyed free forced labour under the government’s Work Programme scheme.

The document revealed that claimants have been placed at Poundland, ASDA, Wilkinsons and many other private sector
companies. Once again this document proves that Chris Grayling was lying when he said “There is no circumstance in
which we would mandate any individual to take part in work activity for a big company, that doesn’t happen.”
The document could previously be found at:

You can even view where it used to be on google:

Unfortunately it’s no longer there. But that’s okay because good old google cache has a copy of this as well.
This FOI request was only published in December 2011. Less than 3 months later it appears that Freedom of
Information has been sacrificed to protect lying government ministers.

Some extracts of the disappeared document are below:
If further proof were needed that this is being done to cover up for Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan Smith’s lies,
then this older FOI response (PDF), which is still available on the DWP website, is revealing. This happens to show
that work experience placements happen to have only involved working for charities in the Maidenhead area. In
this case there is no reference to private companies. It is clear from the document above that this is not the case
throughout the country. But since this document supports the minister’s claims it gets to stay, those that prove
they are lying bastards are removed.

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