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					It comes with anger and guilty when you came to know that person setting next to you in flight from
london to new york has paid less than you. With increase in competition of cheap flights and use of
internet to book online airline flight ticket, customers are the last entity to benefit from these.

People are getting more and more savvy while booking international direct flights ticket to their
preferred location with help of online facilities or booking through travel agent, they always compare
the flight airfare and demands for cheap flights ticket to their preferred destination. Now you can also
book online cheap flights ticket for your business or travel purpose. Some of the international airline
route like flights to London New York might have the one of the busiest air traffic in the world. There are
thousands of fliers from both ends searching for cheap international airline ticket to New York from
London or vice versa. Not only the cheap flights to London or cheap direct flights to New York but others
like cheap flights to Paris, cheap flights to Dubai and cheap flights to Singapore has created a large
amount of whisper in international tourism. Below mentioned are some of the ways that can helps you
to get cheap flights ticket.

Secure early reservation

Book your ticket in advance is the thumb rule to get the maximum discount. There are many low cost
airlines that requires you to book your ticket at least 7 to 10 days in advance. While the lowest
international airfare requires booking at least 30 days in advance. Booking your flights ticket as soon as
your holidays dates are fixed may help you best to save more on your tour. But the bottom line is that
not to forget that airlines have very limited seats at the lowest fares, as soon as these seats are sold, the
airfare will increase.

Do Compare price before booking
Taking the advantage of competition is the best way to secure low cost airfare. It is always advisable to
compare the price of different travel agent as well as from the airline sites before booking.

Weekdays are cheaper than weekends

This is well known facts that most of the airlines reduces their airfare during the off pick days. The easier
way of getting low cost airfare is to travel on a week days and staying away from flying on a weekends
and holidays.

There are also some of the limitations for the cheap airlines in terms of limited luggage, non-
transferable and non refundable ticket. So the best part is check and secure all the details before
conforming any airline ticket.

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