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									What event from WWII does this show?  How useful is this
picture in debating today’s key question?
Which of these images tells us more about the effects
                of the atomic bomb?
Drawing by Sawami Katagiri
Photograph taken days after the Hiroshima bomb
         was dropped in August 1945
                                                   WWII in

       Was America right to use atomic
            bombs to end WWI?

       To identify arguments for and against the use of the
                            atomic bombs
         To reach a judgement on whether the US was
                       justified in using them
    Why did the US decide to drop the
   Pacific war
   Millions invested in
   Growing threat from
   Vengeance for torture &
    suicide attacks
What happened when the bomb was
                   6 August 1945 Enola Gay
                    dropped atomic bomb on
                   70,000 immediate deaths
                   200,000+ deaths radiation
                    and fall out
                   9 August, Nagasaki 40,000
                   14 August Japan surrenders
                   www.peace-
   What did the bombs look like?
‘Little Boy’ Uranium,

                        ‘Fat Man’, Plutonium,
        How powerful were they?
   ‘Fat Boy’ blast equivalent to 20,000 tons of explosives
    detonated at once
   Strong winds from blast destroyed all buildings within a
    1.5 mile radius
   Heat generated incinerated everything in its path
What was the impact?
                   Your task
Study the sources from, ‘The
Twentieth Century: A World
Study’ (p.50-1). Gather evidence
that Truman’s motives were
acceptable and that is motives
were questionable.
Write a judgement, using 2
pieces of evidence to support
your answer
Which piece of evidence most
helped you reach a decision?
Explain your answer.

                                   Harry S Truman, US President
                                   who approved the use of atomic
                                          bombs in 1945
 This house believes
 that the dropping of
  atomic bombs on
    Japan was a
necessary evil to end
                                   Watch frozen in time
   Read the account of the
    bombing of Hiroshima by
    Kyoko Iwanaga on the BBC
    website. Summarise her story
    and explain whether her
    testimony has changed your
    view from today’s lesson.
   http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthis
                  Homework
   Imagine you are President Truman. Write a
    letter to the people of Japan explaining your
    decision to use the atomic bomb. You must:
     Provide reasons why you think it was necessary
     Respond to criticisms people have made

     Express how you hope event will be a force for
      good in the future
                   Plenary
   What can you remember about the destructive
    power of the Bomb?
   3 reasons for using it on Japan
   3 criticisms made about Truman
   Your judgement?
   How might nuclear weapons have made the
    world a safer place?

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