Why Child Custody Is There

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					Why Child Custody Is There

This is the law that determines the parent who will go with the children after a
divorce or a separation by the parents. This law is implemented because the
children cannot be left alone on their own they need a guardian or a parent for that
matter. This is where the law is applied. Both parents will be given equal time of
stay with the children. This way helps both parents to have an equal right to
discuss anything that may affect the children life. The lawyers are involved in this
process where if the parents cannot agree on the issues pertaining on the child’s
custody, the court could intervene in the matter. Sometimes there usually a dispute
in the custody where not only parents are involved but the grandparents of the
children come forth. If a couple have never married there might raise a dispute in
the child custody to, the court is involved in this situation and it will decide the
parent who is in a good position to take care of the welfare of the children.

This is ruled by the court in favor of the parent who is in a financial stability. Some
situations arise where one parent may be excluded in the custody of the child and
having access to the child. The court may reverse this situation over a period of
time. Joint custody comes when all parent are involved with the child life and have
equal opportunity to maintain the welfare of the child. The court will agree to the
arrangements of the child’s custody from the parents.

Changing the child’s custody could be arranged. For the support to change the
custody there must be evidence on the stability the child will have needs to be
sustained. Other factor may be considered, these are stability of the parents
employment relocation of the parent, and integration of the children in the new
environment. The parents financial situation of the parents will be accessed to
determine if the child or children to be taken to a forester family.
Effects on the child/children could be of great danger to the child’s life. This is
because the child has attachment on the both parents and could have stress over
the situation. These lower the child ability in school performance and also how to
relate with others. The child may suffer lack of love from one parent. The child used
to come home and find both parents home. This makes a child social life to be
incomplete. The child will lose some of his /her friends.

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Description: This is the law that determines the parent who will go with the children after a divorce or a separation by the parents.