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With the passing of the Localism Act, significant changes are likely in the way that
planning and development matters are dealt with, especially with regard to public
consultation and involvement. At the moment we do not know exactly how this will impact
upon the planning procedures at District Council level and the involvement of Parish
Councils in the planning application process. While we await developments, we shall
continue to pursue the following procedure:

   1. Obtain advance information on applications received by the Forest of Dean District
      Planning Department for properties in the parish of Longhope from the
      Department’s website;

   2. Printed documentation for each application received by the Parish Clerk, booked
      into a planning register and passed to the Council’s Planning Committee. The
      Council then has two weeks in which to submit a response;

   3. Notice of applications received and forthcoming committee meetings to consider
      them posted on the Parish Council’s notice boards. In the case of high-impact or
      contentious applications, these are referred to the full Council, where a decision is
      made whether or not to convene a special public meeting. If a special meeting is
      not to be called, the full Council will agree upon a response to the application; if a
      special meeting is called, the views of those present will be taken and then the full
      Council will agree upon its response;

   4. Parish Clerk records the Council’s response in the planning register, passes it on
      to the District Council’s Planning Department and puts the document set into

   5. In cases where the Planning Department consider wider consultation on an
      application to be appropriate, it will be referred to the District Council’s
      Development Control Committee. This committee is made up of District
      Councillors and attended by Planning Officers and will hear submissions from
      Parish Councillors and members of the public who make applications to speak.
      Consideration of applications referred to Development Control is also likely to
      involve a site visit, to which Parish Council representatives are welcome;

   6. The results of all planning applications are made known via the District Council’s

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