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									 Aluminum Cookware, Hard Anodized Cast Cookware - What You Need To Know!

                                                            Many discussions have risen over
                                                           recent years about Aluminum
                                                           cookware. Aluminum is a soft metal that
                                                           has always been used in cookware,
                                                           either in clear form or coated with
                                                           enamel or paint. In recent years the use
                                                           in Aluminum for cookware has
                                                           increased dramatically since the steep
                                                           global increase in the prices of other
                                                           types of metal used for cookware

                                                              Aluminum, though a slightly soft metal,
isn't necessarily a bad choice for cookware- it is relatively cheap as a raw material, easy and
cheap to process into the final product- resulting in reasonable market prices, and in the kitchen
Aluminum saves energy, heating up quickly, distributing heat quickly and evenly and cooling down
relatively fast, which is both useful to handle and perhaps even safe.

About Aluminum and diseases- nothing has been proven but, well, surely better safe than sorry!
So, that isn't a hard thing to do, not with the new, modern Aluminum cookware that is available on
store shelves!

First thing you need to do is introduce yourself with hard anodized cookware. Hard Anodized
Aluminum is Aluminum cookware that has gone through a bath of electricity! These cookware
pieces are what is known as cast pans- formed by pouring molten metal into a mold of that shape
rather than being machined from a solid block, and they are thicker than regular Aluminum
cookware. "Anodized" means electrochemically treated to form a stable oxidation layer (results
from the cast cookware pieces being placed in an acid solution and exposed to an electric

Anodized aluminum cookware conducts heat just as well as ordinary aluminum does, but it enjoys
a hard, non- stick inner coating which makes it easy to use, durable, and easy to clean. It also
reduces leaching of aluminum from cookware into foods. This is actually the most important thing-
the coating keeps the Aluminum and possible harm away from your food and your body!

Yes, it is a bit more expensive than regular Aluminum frying pans but it is harder and it is coated.
And also true- you can find coated Aluminum cookware- they are a great innovation, they do keep
the Aluminum away but they are sometimes a bit thin so they will heat up very fast but might not
distribute heat uniformly throughout the surface of the pan.

In both cases- of Hard Anodized Aluminum and regular Aluminum cookware, you must remember
that a coating is a foreign layer that, though it makes cooking and cleaning easier, does need
special care as it doesn't allow for sharp or metallic utensils to be used in the pan while cooking,
and when it scratches, and at some point it will, remember to replace it, if not for the fear of the
Aluminum under it, than for the pleasure of a smooth non-stick surface that allows you to fry and
cook using less oil, another health benefit we simply can't ignore!

So use your Aluminum cookware wisely and they will grant you long years of healthy cooking!

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