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					Troop 230


• Module One—Introduction to Leadership (Know).
   – What a leader must know.
• Module Two—What Is Expected of Me? (Do).
   – What a leader must do
• Module Three—How to Fulfill Your Role (Be).
   – What a leader must be.
        3:00-4:10 Introduction to Troop
        Leadership (Know)
•   Opening                          5min
•   Warm up activity:                10min
•   Vision             John Balden   10min
•   Scout-Led Troop Luis Duran       10min
•   Troop Organization John Balden   20min
•   Break                            10min
        What is TLT all about?

• It is a troop-level “how to”
   – For all troop leaders and new Scouts.
• TLT teaches a Scout
   – how to be a leader,
   – what he needs to Know to perform his responsibility,
   – And how to Do it well.
        Troop Leadership Training

• What age, rank, and leadership position is required?
   – Any age-including new Scouts-should attend this training.
   – The material is for all ranks and positions.
• Who conducts the training?
   – Scoutmaster, ASM& senior patrol leader
• Where is it held?
   – Deren-Huff Scout House
• How long is the course?
   – Three one-hour modules.
   – Can be done as one session or three separate ones.
        is the most important key to
successful Scouting..."
       BSA Mission Statement

• The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is…
  – to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over
    their lifetimes
  – by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law
       Life Skills in a Values-Based
• Scouting is a values-based program with its
  own code of conduct.
• The Scout Oath and Law help instill the
  values of good conduct and honesty.
• After one year in a troop a Scout will learn
  lifetime skills.
  – basic outdoor skills, self-reliance, how to get along
    with others.
• Scouting prepare you to live a more
  productive and fulfilling life.
       Vision Statement

• BSA is a youth program of character development
  and values-based leadership training.
• Offer young people responsible fun and adventure;
• Instill lifetime values and develop ethical character
  as expressed in the Scout Oath and Law;
• Train young people in citizenship, service, and
• Serve families and communities with its quality,
  values-based program.
        Do troop's youth leaders
        encounter challenges?
• Organizing patrols             • Guiding a patrol's
• Using duty rosters               involvement in
• Planning menus and               problem solving
  figuring food costs            • Teaching outdoor
• Encouraging                      skills
  advancement                    • Helping to ensure
                                   patrol safety during
                                 • Helping other Scouts
Scouting offers a rich and         make the most of
varied arena in which to learn     their own leadership
and use leadership skills.         opportunities

• Module One—Introduction to Leadership (Know).
   – What a leader must know.
• Module Two—What Is Expected of Me? (Do).
   – What a leader must do
• Module Three—How to Fulfill Your Role (Be).
   – What a leader must be.
What is a
What does it mean when we say: “a
Scout-led troop”?

      “Empowering scouts to be leaders”
          - this is the core of Scouting

   Scouts taking responsibility for their activities and
          What does it mean for us?

 •   Opportunity to make plan, organize and make decisions
 •   An environment to practice how to lead others
 •   A chance to make mistakes and learn from our mistakes
 •   Allows us to learn how to teach others to be successful
 •   Learn the importance of working as a team
 •   Gives us a chance to be creative
 •   Opportunity to direct and run an organization

Leadership is a position of responsibility; not authority
        Our responsibility (Scouts):

• Attend and participate in our
  weekly meetings and monthly
• Respect one another and allow our
  fellow scouts to lead
• Take responsibility for our actions
• Provide solutions
• Be part of planning and executing
  of our events
• Volunteer to help, organize and run
  our events
• Honor our commitments
• Help one another at all times
        The way we lead:

• A Boy Scout troop is a
  small democracy.
• Under the
  direction:                    • “The patrol method is not a way
   – Scouts are formed into       to operate a Boy Scout troop, it
     patrols                      is the only way. Unless the
   – plan the troop's program     patrol method is in operation,
   – …and make it a reality       you don't really have a Boy
                                  Scout troop.”
                                    • —Robert S. S. Baden-Powell
         Success by empowering the
•   Organize and run the Troop meetings
•   Organize and run the Troop activities
•   Utilize the Patrol leaders' council
•   Plan the Troop calendar
•   Plan and execute Public service activities
•   Plan Outdoor activities to learn and develop skills

       Remember ……..Scouting is 75% outing
Adult Responsibility in a Scout-led
         In a Scout-run Troop, Adults are…

•   Mentor                ……Adults are
•   Guide
•   Counsel
                             there to
•   Advise                 support the
•   Train                     Scouts
•   Delegate
•   Provide logistics
•   Support
•   Encourage
•   Safety net
       A Scout-led Troop has little room for:

• Adults operating in Cub Pack mode
• Adults loudly asserting authority
• Adults jumping in with more enthusiasm than
• Adults enabling codependency
• Adults driving advancement more than the scout
• Adults solving the problems
• Adults taking on the Scout’s responsibility
• Adults packing the Scout’s campout gear
• Adults socializing instead of supporting
                Troop Organization
                                                                            Scoutmaster – John Balden

                                           Patrol Leader Council
                                Assistant SPL          Sr. Patrol Leader         Assistant SPL
                                                          Max Salinas
                                  Nat Smith                                      Drew Barham

                                                       Assistant SPL-QM
                                                        Joseph Nicholson
                                                           Elliott Raia

Patrol Leader   Patrol Leader       Patrol Leader         Patrol Leader       Patrol Leader      Patrol Leader
  Dragons           Indians            Bobcats               Ravens              Sharks              Stags
 Jack Janik     Travis Beaman       Raghu Ramesh          Robert Hillyard     Asa Grimsley        John Eenink

 Assistant PL     Assistant PL        Assistant PL          Assistant PL        Assistant PL     Assistant PL
   Dragons           Indians             Bobcats               Ravens              Sharks           Stags
                Preston Sitkowski     Michael Breton       Stephen Meaux      Sean Schuepbach    Colton Styer
            Troop 230 Patrols
     Bobcat                Raven               Shark                  Stag

Cody Beaman          Kyle Balden          Mitchell Anderson    Andrew Barham
Michael Breton       Wesley Breaux        Rohan Chakraborty    Cooper Carlyle
Cory Delaney         Kevin Cooke          Alexandre Dugas      Matthew Christnacht
Harrison Dial        Alexander Deibert    Asa Grimsley PL      Carson Dial
Holden Easterling    Adrian Duran         Hillis Gussett       David Edelman
Patrick Edelman      Robert Hillyard PL   Patrick Hillyard     John Eenink PL
Wes Hough            Thomas Knight        Jeremy King          Keon Feldsien
Shane Mack           Christian Martinez   Chad Machen          Nick Mojaver
Andrew McMasters     Stephen Meaux        Taylor Machen        James Netland
Allen Messina        John Nicholson       John Martin          Daniel Schwin
Joseph Mullen        Elliott Raia         Mason Mulry          Rysen Shirzadi
Will Peters          Andrew Rebeck        Joseph Nicholson     Jack Silva
Raghu Ramesh PL      Noah Schmidt         Grant Noce           Colton Styer
Max Salinas          Michael Schwin       Cameron Riggins
Nat Smith            Steven Ventura       Sean Schuepbach
Graham White                              Zach Walker
                                          David Wells

Asst. Scoutmasters   Asst. Scoutmasters   Asst. Scoutmasters   Asst. Scoutmasters
Tom Raia             Zane Barham          Steve Smith          Alan Grimsley
Jeff Noce            Jim Long             Luis Duran           Andy Skabowski
Terry Dugas          Bill Reider          Tim Mitchell         Kim Broadrick
               Troop 230 Patrols
     Indians                               Dragons

                                       Pearson Broadrick
Travis Beaman PL
                                       Jonathan Caffey
Charles Beck
                                       Jack Janik PL
Carson Bock
                                       Morgan Long
Ashish Chakraborty         Troop 230   Hayden Major
Brendan Collum
                                       Logan Mitchell
Eric Cortez
                                       Trace Oldner
Michael Hart

                     CLASS OF 2011
                                       Camden Rogers
Brandon Lloyd
                                       Kyle Skabowski
Brandon Reider
                                       Alex Smith
Hunter Rodriguez
                                       Ryan Tomberlin
Parker Sanders
Preston Sitkowski

Asst. Scoutmasters                     Asst. Scoutmasters
David McMasters                        David McMasters
John Machen                            John Machen
Barry Beaman                           Barry Beaman
Oscar Rodriguez                        Oscar Rodriguez
                Additional Leadership Positions

 Troop Guide          Instructor         Scribe       Quartermaster       Chaplain Aide
Patrick Edelman                     Carson Dial       Joseph Nicholson   Andrew Rebeck
Hillis Gussett                                        Elliott Raia       James Netland
Patrick Hillyard
Wesley Hough
Sean Schuepbach

   Greg White            TBD           Mark Netland        Bill Beck       Zane Barham

   Librarian          Historian        Den Chief           Bugler        OA Troop Rep.
                   Steven Ventura   Joseph Mullen     Nick Mojaver       Michael Breton

      TBD                TBD           LeRoy Martin          TBD                TBD
            Additional Troop Support
•   Committee Chair – Chris Walker         •   Hospitality Chair – Manita Feldsien
•   Adult Training Coordinator – Paul      •   Membeship Chair -
    Janik                                  •   Merit Badge Coordinator –
•   Advancement Chair - Mark Netland       •   News Flash Mgr. – Claudia Wanczyk
•   Bluiding Committee Rep. - Jere Dial    •   Publicity Coordinator - TBD
•   Camping Coordinator – John Rebeck      •   Service Projects - David Wells
•   Chartered Org. Rep. - Jere Dial        •   Summer Camp '12 – Smith/Nicholson
•   Eagle Advisor - Janice Salinas         •   Treasurer - Donald Easterling
•   Flag Hardware - Steve Smith            •   Troop Master - Stephanie Thibodeaux
•   Flags Sales Coordinator- Todd Breton   •   Troop T Shirts – Hank Mullen
•   Health Forms - Fred Mojaver            •   Winter Camp '11 Coordinator –
•   High Adventure Coordinator – Tom           Beck/Beaman
        4:15-5:05 What is expected of
        Me? (Do)
• Leadership Positions     John Balden    5min
• Breakout sessions
• Leadership Position Breakout Sessions
   – Luis Duran, Zane Barham,             25min
• Team Building Activities                20min
• Break                                   5min
      Senior Patrol Leader
                        •   Runs all troop meetings, events,
• Elected by the            activities, and the annual program
                            planning conference.
  Scouts to represent   •   Runs the patrol leaders' council
  them as the top       •   Appoints other troop youth leaders
                            with the advice and counsel
  youth leader in the   •
                            of the Scoutmaster.
                            Assigns duties and responsibilities to
                            youth leaders.
  troop.                •   Assists the Scoutmaster with youth
                            leadership training.
• Reports to: The       •   Sets a good example.
                        •   Enthusiastically wears the Scout
  Scoutmaster               uniform correctly.
                        •   Lives by the Scout Oath and Law.
                        •   Shows Scout spirit.
        Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

• Is the second highest-      •   Helps the senior patrol leader
                                  lead meetings and activities.
  ranking youth leader in     •   Runs the troop in the absence
  the troop.                      of the senior patrol leader.
                              •   Helps train and supervise the
• Acts as the senior patrol       troop scribe, quartermaster,
  leader in the absence of        instructor, librarian, historian,
                                  and chaplain's aide.
  SPL or when called upon.    •   Serves as a member of the
• He also provides                patrol leaders' council.
                              •   Sets a good example.
  leadership to other youth   •   Enthusiastically and correctly
  leaders in the troop.           wears the Scout uniform.
                              •   Lives the Scout Oath and Law.
• Reports to: The senior      •   Shows Scout spirit.
  patrol leader               •   Lends a hand controlling the
                                  patrol and building patrol spirit.
      Patrol Leader

                          •   Appoints the assistant patrol
• Is the elected leader       leader.
  of his patrol.          •   Represents the patrol on the
                              patrol leaders’ council.
• He represents his           Plans and steers patrol
  patrol on the patrol    •   Helps Scouts advance.
                          •   Acts as the chief recruiter of
  leaders’ council.           new Scouts.
                          •   Keeps patrol members
• Reports to: The             informed.
                          •   Knows what his patrol members
  senior patrol leader        and other leaders can do.
                          •   Sets the example.
                          •   Wears the uniform correctly.
                          •   Lives the Scout Oath and Law.
                          •   Shows Scout spirit.
      Assistant Patrol Leader

• Is appointed by the   • Helps the patrol leader
                          plan and steer patrol
  patrol leader           meetings and activities.
• leads the patrol in   • Helps him keep patrol
                          members informed.
  his absence.          • Helps the patrol get
• Reports to: The         ready for all troop
  patrol leader         • Represents his patrol at
                          patrol leaders’ council
                          meetings when
                          the patrol leader cannot
       Troop Guide

• Works with new           •   Introduces new Scouts to troop
  Scouts.                  •   Teaches basic Scout skills.
• Helps them feel          •   Coaches the patrol leader of the
                               new-Scout patrol on his duties.
  comfortable and earn     •   Works with the patrol leader at
  their First Class rank       patrol leaders’ council meetings.
  in their first year.     •   Attends patrol leaders’ council
                               meetings with the patrol leader of
• Reports to: The              the new-Scout patrol.
  assistant                •   Assists the assistant Scoutmaster
                               with training.
  Scoutmaster for the      •   Counsels individuals Scouts on
  new-Scout patrol in          Scouting challenges.
  the troop                •   Sets a good example.
      Troop Quartermaster

                         •   Keeps records on patrol and
• Keeps track of troop       troop equipment.
  equipment and sees     •   Makes sure equipment is in
                             good working condition.
  that it is in good     •   Issues equipment and makes
                             sure it is returned in good
  working order.             condition.
                         •   Makes suggestions for new or
• Reports to: The            replacement items.
                         •   Works with the troop committee
  assistant senior           member responsible for
  patrol leader          •   Sets a good example.
                         •   Enthusiastically and correctly
                             wears the Scout uniform.
                         •   Lives by the Scout Oath and
                         •   Shows Scout spirit.
         Troop Scribe

• Keeps the troop records.        •   Attends and keeps a log of
                                      patrol leaders’ council
• Records the activities of the       meetings.
  patrol leaders’ council         •   Records individual Scout
                                      attendance and dues payments.
• keeps a record of dues,         •   Records individual Scout
  advancement, and Scout              advancement progress.
  attendance at troop             •   Works with the troop committee
  meetings.                           member responsible for
                                      records and finance.
• Reports to: The assistant       •   Sets a good example.
  senior patrol leader            •   Enthusiastically and correctly
                                      wears the Scout uniform.
                                  •   Lives by the Scout Oath and
                                  •   Shows Scout spirit.
      Troop Historian

                        •   Gathers pictures and facts
• Preserves troop           about troop activities and keeps
                            them in a historical file or
  photographs, news         scrapbook.
  stories, trophies,    •   Takes care of troop trophies,
                            ribbons, and souvenirs of troop
  flags, scrapbooks,        activities.
                        •   Keeps information about former
  awards, and other         members of the troop.
                        •   Sets a good example.
  memorabilia.          •   Enthusiastically and correctly
                            wears the Scout uniform.
• Reports to: The       •   Lives by the Scout Oath and
  assistant senior      •   Shows Scout spirit.
  patrol leader
      Troop Librarian

                        •   Sets up and takes care of a
• Oversees the care         troop library.
  and use of troop      •   Keeps records of books and
                            pamphlets owned by the troop.
  books, pamphlets,     •   Adds new or replacement items
                            as needed.
  magazines,            •   Keeps books and pamphlets
                            available for borrowing.
  audiovisuals, and     •   Keeps a system for checking
                            books and pamphlets in and
  merit badge               out, and follows up on late
  counselor lists.          returns.
                        •   Sets a good example.
• Reports to: The       •   Enthusiastically and correctly
                            wears the Scout uniform.
  assistant senior      •   Lives by the Scout Oath and
  patrol leader         •   Shows Scout spirit.
       Chaplain’s Aide

                            •   Assists the troop chaplain with
• Works with the troop          religious services at troop
  chaplain to meet the          activities.
                            •   Tells Scouts about the religious
  religious needs of            emblem program for their faith.
  Scouts in the troop.      •   Makes sure religious holidays
                                are considered during the troop
• He also works to              program planning process.
  promote the religious     •   Helps plan for religious
                                observance in troop activities.
  emblems program.          •   Sets a good example.
                            •   Enthusiastically and correctly
• Reports to: The               wears the Scout uniform.
  assistant senior patrol   •   Lives by the Scout Oath and
  leader                    •   Shows Scout spirit.
       Den Chief
                            •   Knows the purposes of Cub Scouting.
• Works with the Cub        •   Helps Cub Scouts advance through
                                Cub Scout ranks.
  Scouts, Webelos           •   Encourages Cub Scouts to join a Boy
  Scouts, and den leaders       Scout troop upon graduation.
                            •   Assists with activities in the den
  in the Cub Scout pack.        meetings.
                            •   Is a friend to the boys in the den.
• Reports to: The den       •   Helps out at weekly den meetings and
                                monthly pack meetings.
  leader in the pack and    •   Meets with adult members of the den,
                                pack, and troop as necessary.
  the assistant             •   Sets the example.
  Scoutmaster for the       •   Wears the uniform correctly.
                            •   Lives by the Scout Oath and Law.
  new-Scout patrol in the   •   Shows Scout spirit.
      5:10-6:00 How to Do your Job
• Servant Leadership Zane Barham 15min
• EDGE Teaching Method           15 min
• Additional Leadership Training      10 min
  – National Honor Patrol Requirements
  – Advanced training opportunities
• Scoutmaster minute          John Balden   1min
• Closing                    5min
        What is a Servant?

•   Cook
•   Waiter
•   Butler
•   Doorman
•   Housecleaner
•   Someone who does something useful for someone
         What is a Servant Leader?

• A Leader
  –   who Serves the people he leads
  –   who Seeks to Understand the needs of the people he leads
  –   who Plans based on the needs of the people he leads
  –   who Takes Action based on the needs of the people he leads
• A Leader who Builds Leadership in those who need
  to build those skills
       Examples of Servant Leaders

• Jesus – Washing the feet of His disciples
• Mother Teresa – Serving the poor of Calcutta
• Mahatma Gandhi – Serving the poor and mistreated
          Applying Servant Leadership

• Patrol Leader/Asst Patrol Leader
   – Understand the needs of the scouts
      •   What rank advancement are they working on?
      •   What food allergies do they have?
      •   Who is close friends with whom?
      •   Who is usually left out or shy?
   – Plan accordingly
      • Next campout assign cooking to those who need it
      • Make sure the Grubmaster has taken food needs into account for
        the menu
         Applying Servant Leadership

• Take Action
  –   Be on time (ahead of time)
  –   Have what you committed to bring
  –   Make sure your patrol has all the gear they need
  –   Be organized
• Build Leadership
  – A servant leader does not do everything.
  – They make sure each person has what they need to be
    successful in their leadership
        Servant Leadership

• Sacrifice:
   – Meeting the needs of others instead of focusing on your own
• Humility:
   – Admitting you don’t how to do something, but taking
     responsibility to learn how or enlisting someone who does.
• Golden Rule:
   – “Do unto other as you would have others do unto you.” Mt 7:12
      “What is EDGE™?”

                        • Explain—The trainer
• EDGE™ is the            explains how something
  method you will use     is done.
                        • Demonstrate—After the
  to teach in your        trainer explains, the trainer
                          demonstrates while
  troop.                  explaining again.
• The key to making     • Guide—The learner tries the
                          skill while the trainer guides
  EDGE™ work is to        him through it.
                        • Enable—The trainee works
  use it                  on his own under the
  for all teaching        watchful eye of the trainer.
                          The trainer’s role in this step
  opportunities.          is to remove any obstacles
                          to success, which enables
• Make it a habit.        the learner to succeed.
       National Honor Patrol Award

• Given to patrols whose members make an extra
  effort to have the best patrol possible.
• A patrol can earn the award over a three-month
• How?
            National Honor Patrol Award

•   Have a patrol name, flag, and            •   Complete two Good Turns or
    yell.                                        service projects approved by
     – Put the patrol design on                  the patrol leaders’ council.
       equipment, and use the patrol yell.   •   Wear the full uniform correctly
     – Keep patrol records up-to-date.           at troop activities
•   Hold two patrol meetings every                – at least 75 percent of patrol
    month.                                   •   Have a representative attend at
•   Take part in at least one hike,              least three patrol leaders’
    outdoor activity, or other                   council meetings.
    Scouting event.                          •   Have eight members in the
•   Help two patrol members                      patrol or experience an increase
    advance one rank.                            in
                                                 patrol membership.
Leadership Training Opportunities
       National Youth Leadership
       Training (NYLT)
• It is a council-level, weeklong
  advanced leadership skills course
• It is based on professional leadership
• Scouts learn to assess the stages of
  team development
• Scouts acquire a toolbox of leadership
        National Youth Leadership
        Training (NYLT)
• What age, rank, and leadership position
  is required?
   – Age 13+, First Class rank.
   – Any troop leader can attend.
• Who conducts the training?
   – Youth-led course with youth staff
   – Plus a few adult support staff
• Where is it held?
   – Outdoor setting, usually a council camp
National Advanced Youth
Leadership Experience
   • What is this course all about?
      – This is a national level, weeklong “extreme
        leadership” training in a wilderness setting.
   • It uses Philmont Ranger training to
     reinforce NYLT skills.
National Advanced Youth
Leadership Experience
   • What age, rank, and leadership
     position is required?
      – Age 14+, with previous NYLT experience.
      – Any troop leader can attend.
   • Who conducts the training?
      – Youth-led course with youth staff
      – Plus a few adult support staff
   • Where is it held?
      – Philmont’s Rocky Mountain Scout Ranch
You are now officially trained
   to take on a leadership


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