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									PGCE/ BA (Hons) Primary Education
Subject Specific Feedback: Physical Education
Long observation

Name of Trainee: _____________________________________

Stage of Course

Prompts                                 Comments

Clarity and appropriateness of
learning objectives
-Planning builds on prior
assessments: planning for
progression- understands
progression within a strand of

Warm Up/ Introduction
-Objectives shared [skill
-Links to prior learning
Lesson Development

-Clear modelling of skills
-Differentiation/ level of challenge
-Health and safety
-Classroom management
-Opportunities for pupils to share
their work through pupil
demonstrations/ celebration of
-Peer assessment of pupils’
-Progression to paired work if
-Skill development on apparatus if
appropriate, including setting up of
-Classroom discipline/ management
-Accuracy of explanations
-Explanation appropriate to age
-Quality of stimulus (e.g. if a dance

Plenary/ Cool Down
-Assessment opportunities
-Organisation of cool down

Subject Specific Areas of

Identify up to 3 key subject specific
Targets for Improving Trainee’s
Subject Knowledge
Identify 2 targets

Ability of trainee to identify
pupils’ next steps during
feedback session:

Can the trainee verbalise the next
steps in learning for groups of
learners and individuals?

                                              Standards evidenced in this lesson
Professional Attributes                       Professional Knowledge and                   Professional Skills
□ Q1-high expectations of pupils,             □ Q10-knowledge of a range of: teaching;     □ Q22-Plans for progression
  commitment to ensuring full educational       learning; behaviour management skills.     □ Q23-design opportunities for learners to
  potential and establish constructive          Know how to personalise learning and         develop their literacy, numeracy and
  relationship                                  provide opportunities for all learners       ICT
□ Q2-demonstrate positive values, attitudes   □ Q11-knowledge of the assessment            □ Q24- plans homework and
  and behaviour they expect from children       requirements including EYFSP and             out of class work
  and young people                              National Curriculum assessment/ level      □ Q25a-use a range of teaching
□ Q3a-be aware of their professional duties     descriptions                                 strategies and resources
□ Q3b-be aware of the policies and            □ Q12-knows a range of approaches to         □ Q25b-build on prior knowledge
  practices of the workplace                    formative assessment                       □ Q25c-Uses explanations, questions,
□ Q4-communicate effectively                  □ Q13-knows how to use assessment data         discussions and plenaries effectively
□ Q5-recognise and respect the                  for the purpose of target setting and      □Q25d-demonstrate the ability to manage
  contribution of colleagues                    raising standards                            whole classes, groups and individuals
□ Q6-commitment to collaborative working      □ Q14-secure knowledge of the subject        □ Q26a-makes effective use of a range of
□ Q7a-reflect on and improve their practice     and pedagogy                                 assessment, monitoring and recording
□ Q8-has a creative approach towards          □ Q15-understands non and statutory            strategies
  innovation and adapts practice where          curricula and frameworks                   □ Q26b-assesses the learning needs of
  benefits and improvements are identified    □ Q17-Knows how to use literacy,               those they teach and sets challenging
□ Q9-act upon advice                            numeracy and ICT to support their            objectives
                                                teaching and wider professional            □ Q27-provides learners with timely,
                                                activities                                   accurate and constructive feedback
                                              □ Q18-knows a range of factors that affect   □ Q28-supports learners to reflect on
                                                progress and well being of learners          their own learning
                                              □ Q19-know how to make effective             □ Q29-evaluate the impact of their
                                                personalised provision for those they        teaching and modify classroom
                                                teach                                        practice where necessary
                                              □ Q20 Aware of colleagues specialist roles   □ Q30-establish purposeful and safe
                                              □ Q21a-be aware of legal requirements re       learning environment
                                                the promotion of the well-being of         □ Q31-clear framework for classroom
                                                children                                     discipline
                                              □ Q21b-know how to identify and support      □ Q32-work as a team member
                                                children whose progress is affected by     □ Q33-ensure colleagues are
                                                change                                       appropriately involved


Signed ______________________ [mentor]

Signed ______________________ [trainee teacher]

Date ________________________

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