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Recent break up? You can REGAIN LOVE! Get Ex back - relationship guidance!

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Regain Love, Get Your Ex Back

One of the most difficult things we deal with in our lives is when the person we love and dreamed
of spending our whole life with decides to break up with us. Getting our hearts broken is a awful
feeling to deal with. For some of us we just cant eat, sleep, or cant even be awake. We just feel a
deep hurting that doesnt want to part from us. However, we want you to know that if you follow
the simple steps put forth in T.W. Jacksons The Magic of Making Up e-book,, there is always a chance to regain love.

Traps to Avoid

The first step to follow is to accept the fact that the break up is real. But make sure to avoid giving
up easy and starting bad habits to take the place the person you lost. Some people may begin to
eat excessively until they become too overweight to have any chance of finding true love ever
again. Others start to collect physical things like clothes or shoes they dont even need to replace
the lost love. The rest of this article aims to keep you from falling into either of these categories.

By accepting the break up you tell your ex that life will go on with or without them. Each of you will
have time to yourselves to find out what you did wrong and figure out a way to fix it. If both
partners in the relationship care for each other you will regain love.

Planning Stage

In order to truly regain love you must follow certain rules. At this stage you want to cut all contact
with your ex. In other words you want to avoid all contact and isolate yourself from the other
person. Dont call the other person trying to get him or her back. Dont socialize with them on
Facebook, dont email them, and dont text them until the right time to make a move presents itself.

When you cut all contact with the other person you also allow them some time to think things over.
If they still have feelings for you they will also be trying to figure out how to get back with you
during this isolation stage.

Spend some time figuring out what went wrong to cause the break up in the first place. Figure out
what you need to do to regain love and make things right again. Then go out and do those things
right away!

Deflect Ex Calls

If your ex breaks the no contact rule first be careful not to be too quick to fall into their arms again.
Imagine a scenario where your boyfriend went out the previous evening and came home alone.
You get a call from him at 2 AM where he tells you how sorry he is that he walked away from you.
You still love him so you jump in your car and show up at his door and tell him that your love for
him is for life. You may spend the night with him and he is back to his usual loving self through the
rest of the night. But when morning comes he is cold and detached and you have to end up
leaving with a broken heart again.

A better way to handle the call would have been to deflect the call and tell him that you both need
a little time to figure things out. Getting back together on the spurt of the moment is not good for
either of you. My point here is that to regain love you have to do things right and avoid the
common traps that will make it harder to get your ex back.

To help you along the way and to insure you dont make any mistakes you wont be able to fix later
get yourself a copy of T. W. Jacksons e-book The Magic of Making Up. This is one of the best
relationship building guides available anywhere in the world today. If your ex is important to you
dont leave it to chance to get him or her back. Follow the easy steps in The Magic Making Up and
get your ex back.

Getting Together

When both of you agree to get back together and try again you should arrange a meeting.
Mentally go through what you are going to say. Make sure to be honest and to the point. Talk
about the good and the bad times. If you have done the mental planning in advance you might
solve some of your differences during this meeting. By this time you can tell if you are going to
have a good chance to regain love, and get your ex back. On the other hand, this is the time
when you know if going separate ways is the best for both of you.


We want you to know that there is always hope to regain love if you follow correct advice from
people who spend their entire lives mending broken hearts. Start by figuring out what you can
change within yourself. Then follow proven methods to accomplish your goal and get your ex

If all you keep thinking about is how to get back your ex check out The Magic Of Making Up at and regain love back into your life.

About the author: C. Echevarria is a retired military currently dedicated to blogging on several
online sites. You can visit his primary site at

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Recent break up? You can REGAIN LOVE! Get Ex back - relationship guidance!

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