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Account Intelligence

  Prospecting Demonstration
  August 2007
Prospecting Demo Overview

   Selecting a Prospecting Region
   Entering Search Criteria
   Viewing and Exporting Results
   Working with Results
   Importing Results
   Exporting Results to Excel
   Exporting Results to PDF
   Customizing Results
   Defining Prospecting Preferences
Selecting a Region

  Use the geographic tabs located at the top of the UI to select your target region
  Each tab contains search variables that are specific to the region selected
  The new Global tab allows you to search all companies in your OneSource subscription
Entering Search Criteria

  In this example, I’ve chosen
 to search by the executive title
 “Business Development” in the
 Boston Metropolitan Area
  After entering search criteria,
 I clicked the run search button
 and am presented with my
 search results
Viewing and Exporting Results

  If your returned company and/or executive count is below 2000 you will be presented
 with links that will allow you to View or Export your results
  Exported results will contain the standard Account Intelligence result columns. If you
 select the View Results option you will have the option to customize your result columns
 for export
Working with Results
 Duplicate records are highlighted in red
 Use the checkboxes to select and de-select companies you wish to import or export
 Click on a hyperlinked company name to research the organization
 Click column headings to sort results
 Use the icons located in the top right of the page to import and export your results
Importing Results – Assigning Import Rules
  When you click the Import icon you will be presented with a pop-up that allows you to
 assign import options
  Choose to Import to Leads or Accounts
  Use the drop-down options to assign import rules to your selected results
  Click Start Import to begin the import process
Importing Results – Import Manager
 When you click the Start Import button the Import Manager will display
 The progress indicator displays percent complete and time remaining
 You can continue to use while the Import Manager is running
 You will receive an Import Complete message when your import is finished
Exporting Results to Excel
 When you click the Export icon your results will be exported to Excel
 Exported results will contain the standard Account Intelligence result columns
 Click the Customize Results buttons to select the result columns that will be exported to
Exporting Results to PDF
 When you click the PDF icon your results will be exported PDF
 PDF results will contain the standard Account Intelligence result columns
Customizing Results
 Click the Customize Results button to change your results columns
 Select variables and add them to the box on the right
 Drag and drop variables to set column order
 Click View Results to see your selected columns in the results grid
 Click the Export icon to export your customized results to Excel
System Admin Defined Prospecting Preferences
 System Administrators can allow or deny access to Import and Export options using the
Prospecting Preferences section available in the AI Administration tab
 Prospecting preferences can be set by User Profile

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