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									Low Cost Ohio Student Health Insurance is Available at One Source
One Source Benefits, a leading Ohio-based brokerage, is helping university students find
affordable Ohio student health insurance plans.

Ohio college students can now get well-designed, low cost health insurance plans.
Offered by top health insurance companies in Ohio, these plans are designed to meet all
the university health insurance requirements. One Source Benefits helps students choose
and apply for an Ohio student health insurance plan to meet their needs.

There are many factors that make health insurance for students less expensive than other
types of plans. As college students are young and in better health than the rest of the
population, the risk of covering them is lower. Moreover, a student health plan is valid
only for a relatively short period – the time that they are in college. The lower the period
a person is enrolled in a health insurance pool, the less health care he or she will need,
bringing down the cost.

AETNA, one of Ohio’s leading health insurance companies, has come out with five well-
designed medical plans for students that include prescription drug coverage.

   •   Premiere 2000 Plus - coverage for the cost-conscious campus
   •   Premiere 1000 Plus - with enhanced preferred benefits
   •   Premiere 500 Plus - enhanced coverage with $2M maximum
   •   Premiere 300 Plus - with preferred benefits and lower deductible
   •   Premiere 250 Plus - premium coverage for competitive academic environments

The Ohio State University has announced AETNA as the carrier for the OSU health
insurance program. AETNA’s plans provides many benefits such as 24/7 coverage
anywhere in the world, with no out-of-area limitations, access to a national network of
more than one million health care providers, prescription drug coverage with access to
over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide, and access to discount programs including vision
and fitness programs. Students can apply immediately and have their ID card issued
within hours.

Other Ohio health insurers such as Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medical Mutual of
Ohio, United Healthcare, Humana, Assurant, and Coventry One also offer quality Ohio
student health insurance plans.

Students can obtain free Ohio health insurance quotes at One Source Benefits and all the
professional guidance necessary to choose the right plan. Contact 1-877-549-1212 (toll

About One Source Benefits

A licensed, experienced Ohio-based brokerage, One Source Benefits has all the resources
necessary to help individuals, families and businesses find affordable health insurance.

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