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					                               National Flight Academy – Facilitator
                           Part-Time/Seasonal (up to 40 hours per week)
Facilitators serves as a mentor, role model, and counselor for NFA program attendees. The
position is responsible for instruction and supervision of up to 36 participants for in-residence
and other programs. Essential Duties and Responsibilities include:
Program Administration.
    a. Assists Manager, Camp Operations, AMBITION with implementation of camp policies
         and procedures.
    b. Participates in the Facilitator Training Program.
    c. Delivers/facilitates curriculum content in an immersive, serious-gaming environment.
    d. Prepares for and actively participates in staff training, meetings, and supervisory
Program Operations.
    a. Meet or exceed normal acceptable standards for the safety, security, hygiene, emotional
         and general welfare of participants.
    b. Participate enthusiastically in program delivery and serve as a positive role model for
    c. Communicate clear objectives, procedures and desired outcomes for all mission
    d. Motivate, encourage and mentor participants as they progress through mission activities.
    e. Model, instruct and monitor participants in use of collateral, resource and technology
    f. Manage workspace environment and participant behavior IAW established procedures.
    g. Provide instruction/facilitation in large groups, small groups and one-on-one instruction.
    h. Use a variety of instructional strategies appropriate for participants' age and skill level.
    i. Make minor adjustments to technology resources as needed and request technical
         assistance for major adjustments/repairs.
    j. Provide knowledgeable explanations about a variety of naval aviation topics and related
    k. Ensure participants are escorted at all times to scheduled activities, maintaining orderly
         behavior and a professional learning environment.
    l. Ensure staff is aware of any personal difficulties encountered by participants, such as
         illness, contact with parents, loss of personal items. Etc.
    m. Prepare and maintain workspace environment for activities including computer set-up
         and operation
Must possess the knowledge and ability to credibly and enthusiastically role play as a U.S. Navy
leader. Ability to effectively communicate verbally with various sized groups as well as
individuals and direct them as required. Must possess excellent oral and written communication
skills. Possess skill and experience with Microsoft Office programs, Windows and Internet
Explorer. Possess a thorough understanding of the National Flight Academy's mission and
purpose. AA or AS Degree desired; B.S. or BA preferred. - DOE educational certification
preferred. - Experience mentoring youth (coaching, tutoring, teaching, etc.) in an educational
environment highly desired. - Aviation experience/knowledge highly desired.
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