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									Did dinosaurs really
                  How do I know?
•   Yes dinosaurs really existed - there is no doubt about that. They lived some 65 million
    years before man, so man could not have known about it except from fossils. The
    bible may be the word of God, but it was written by men, and they simply did not
    know about Dinosaurs (or mammoths, sabre-tooths, trilobites and many many other
    animals that have existed in the past before going extinct. - so they did not include
    them in the Bible. There aren't any kangaroos in the bible either and we all know they
    exist. The creation story should be treated as an allegory, not the literal truth .Another
    way to prove that they did exist because many scientist have found some bones
    which means that they existed or else people made it then it will take a short amount
    of time but people only find one of them once in a while because it is very hard and
    rare to find one of them. Many scientists have discovered what they look like because
    they get all the same dinosaur bones to see what dinosaur they will find then name it.
    Scientists can tell if it was a carnivore or a herbivore because of its roar. Not many
    scientists have discovered dinosaurs because it is very rare because they lived over
    200 million years ago. But now they will not come back because they are extinct
    forever which means they will never come back forever and ever! Dinosaurs did exist,
    but they've been extinct 65 million years. Dinosaurs are a group of Archosaurs that
    existed between 230 and 65 million years ago.
•   Some people say yes, and some people say no, but according to the bones dug up,
    dinosaurs did indeed exist.
•   There are some experts in palaeontology that say birds are truly dinosaurs because
    of their skeletal structure that makes them in the same group as dinosaurs.
    So, birds that we see and hear today, are really modern day dinosaurs. Also, birds
    are the only creatures that inhabit all the ecosystems on our planet. So, it would be
    safe to say that they are the most successful of all animals.
• So now you know the answer is YES!

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